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: The FINALS!!! - Bolt-01 Cup - Favourite Strontium Dog
: Colin YNWA 12 September, 2021, 07:29:52 AM
So at last we’re done with the convoluted play-offs - over, finished and we’re down to the tourney proper, The Finals, with 16 thrills competing for the coveted Bolt-01 Trophy.

Now then to keep with the World Cup type vibe I was going for here I’m going to stick with groups in the first round. NOW I know these weren’t popular, but I’m hoping the format here will make it much easier for folks to keep things straight.

Basically there will be four groups of four and each day we will get two ties from one group, running Monday - Thursday, barring any delays or cock-ups on my part. Meaning Round 1 should last 3 weeks.

This also results in each thrill appearing once a week and no more… hopefully it will all seem much more straightforward… hopefully.

Mind as ever all you need to worry about if you can’t be arsed thinking about all that is answering the simple question in front of you. Which of the two thrills in each match do you prefer. What could be easier!?!

Anyway come back in a bit and I’ll reveal the thrills in each Group… EXCITING!!!!

… well it is… for me… a bit…
: Re: The FINALS!!! - Bolt-01 Cup - Favourite Strontium Dog
: Colin YNWA 12 September, 2021, 02:47:19 PM
The Groups

So making the best use of a d4 since running a thief in D&D, a little bit of logic I’ve come up with the four groups so no two thrills in each Group have been in a match together before… I hope…

So with no more ad and hands no longer touching heated balls …

Group 1

The Killing
Top Dog
The Kreeler Conspiracy
The Doc Quince Case

Group 2

Incident Mayger Minor
Portrait of a Mutant
Two-Faced Terror
The Bad Boys Bust

Group 3

The Schicklgruber Grab
Epic 2nds Play-off
The Son
The Gronk Affair (tbc)

Group 4

Traitor to his Kind
The Moses Incident
The Beast of Milton Keynes