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General / Future Shock Collections
« on: 14 September, 2015, 12:09:23 PM »
Having a lovely re-read of the Alan Moore and 'Best Of Tharg's .." future shock collections. They really are wonderful works. In my dreams the BBC commissions an Outer Limits style Future Shock TV series (among a host of other 2000AD related TV ventures).

My re-read got me thinking - there are a bunch of other Shocks, and various other one-shot or small part stories around. I know there was the Sci-Fi Thrillers trade, but that also included much longer works. What one-shots have we still got to see collected together in a single trade. Unless I'm missing something, the vast majority of Steven Moore's future shock work appears to be uncollected, alongside a bunch of Ro-Jaws Robo Tales, and other related things. Would be nice to see an additional volume or two of these kinds of works.

Other Reviews / Case Files 20
« on: 03 October, 2013, 10:34:25 AM »
Just started wading through Case Files 20, and I have to say that the Morrison/Millar era is so, so much worse than I had remembered. Everything about the character is wrong, the dialogue is truly awful, the plots are pathetic and the concepts are idiotic at best, and downright offensive at worst.

Perhaps the most glaring example is Book of the Dead. I remember really liking this as a kid. I was always a sucker for international judge uniforms and was struck by Dermot Power's designs. Now, especially given our cultural awareness of arab/islamophobia, the story just comes across as utterly racist, not to mention poorly conceived and paper thin. Why would a future Egypt hark back to a long dead culture (and not have any hint of its more recent islamic past)? Why would all Egyptian names suddenly be related to ancient Egypt? Even if we judge it by the standards of Our Man in Hondo (the typical bar for is-it-racist Dredd questioning), it fails miserably.

Let's not get on to the crap toilet gag, inexplicable mummy from nowhere and usual Millar "Dredd as one-note grump who hits things" trope. Perhaps the worst thing, however, is that this is, at best a 2-part filler Dredd that is somehow stretched over eight progs. Eight! Dredd arrives in Luxor, has a quick look around. A mummy kills the chief judge and Dredd fights it in a pyramid/body processing plant. Judge Death Lives was only 5 episodes! The Graveyard Shift was 7! Midnight Surfer was 6! How can fight with a mummy justify 8 episodes!

The sooner we're out of these dark days in the Case Files, the better.

General / The Joy of (Tyranny) Rex
« on: 11 July, 2013, 02:06:55 PM »
In light of some conversation elsewhere, I thought I'd start a thread about every toother's favourite dinosaur tailed art terrorist, Tyranny Rex.

For those who missed out, Ms Rex appeared around the 500s, disappeared until the 800s when she came back for a 3 book epic of brilliance (Deus Ex Machina) then disappeared again until somewhere around the 1200s. She's been missing since. One of John Smith's first creations for 2000ad, she's important as a starting point for some of the Indigo Prime world (Fervent and Lobe, especially).

Best moments - attempting to destroy the universe when hired by Indigo Prime; infiltrating (and destroying) giant, floating whale/bug things (I may be remembering this story poorly); becoming a space nun and fighting off a hoard of deranged, bloodthirsty maniacs after god's skin (then dying).

Great stories, great art, some impossible to follow plots and some very, very poor scheduling from Tharg. I'd love to see her back in the prog, perhaps integrated into the revitalised Indigo Prime. To me, she's always seemed a natural successor to Halo Jones. Like Jones, she's inclined to drift around and lead a varied life (c'mon who else could be an art terrorist, assassin, model and space nun), and the world(s) she inhabits allow for a great variety of possible stories. Unlike Jones, however, I think she's far more self-possessed. Halo only made a single active choice in the entire saga (killing the General); Ms Rex might drift, but it never felt as if she was at the whims of fate.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks/remembers about her. If the fabulous Mr Smith still knocks about these parts, It'd be great to hear from him too.

General / 3D Stills of Dredd
« on: 19 February, 2013, 01:05:32 PM »

I'm putting out an appeal to the collective for some still shots of 3D images from the (fantastic) Dredd movie.  I need separate left and right images, rather than the weird doubled image that is often used. Giving a presentation on 3D vision and would love a Dredd based example.

General / Post case files dredd trades
« on: 31 October, 2012, 08:51:15 PM »
Can any of the knowledgeable people on this forum furnish me with an ordered list of post case files dredd trades? I'm tired of waiting to get to the good stuff again!

General / The Millsiverse
« on: 23 September, 2011, 12:33:52 PM »
My bookshelf currently contains several volumes of Pat Mills finest waiting to be reread, including ABC Warriors, Savage and a soon to arrive Flesh: Dino Files.  It occurred to me that Prof. Mills' work has maintained a pretty consistent universe, which he seems to be increasingly trying to tie together.

Savage, from the rumblings I hear about the prog (I'm trade only these days), seems to be heading towards an intersection with Hammerstein's War Diaries and the start of the robot led Volgan War.  That essentially gives us a link between the stories of Bill Savage and Torquemada's Termight, with a few key holes missing:

1. What happens to the ABC Warriors after Mars (First Mission), that ends up with Hammerstein (with a new head) in Ro-Busters?
2. What happens between "The Rise And Fall Of ..." to get us to the Terran Empire and then Termight?
3. How do Trans-Time and dinosaurs fit into all of this (since Old-One Eye, Satanus and Golgotha link everything together, continuity-wise)?

I think that's a fantastic story waiting to be told.  I hope Prof. Mills does so (and I'm not usually a fan of filling in backstory). 

My thoughts are that the Flesh stories give us a glimpse of the beginnings of meddling with time travel, which will eventually lead to the Black Hole Bypass, the Time Wastes, the destruction of the overworld, and the rise of Terra/Termight.

Would love to see some Nemesis back, and this might be the way to do it. A history of the Warlocks would also be good: Gandarva's a great name for a series, don't you think?

Sorry for the ramble.

General / Help! Find me this Slaine pic from the description
« on: 09 August, 2011, 11:37:50 AM »
I'm struggling to locate a picture of Slaine that, if I can't find soon, I'll be convinced exists solely in my imagination.

I think it's by McMahon, but during his 2D phase (a la Dredd: The Howler) and shows Slaine holding an axe and falling into some kind of hole or vortex.  It's in colour, but with a mainly white background and was a cover image, I think.

God, there's not a hope in hell, I know, but can anyone help?

General / Brit-Cit
« on: 24 June, 2011, 10:22:16 AM »
While trawling through the Case Files I've been wondering if/when the introduction of Brit-Cit will occur.  I've gone through 2-8 and I don't think there's been anything yet (unless I've missed it).

So, as a question for the hive-mind, can I ask what we the readers know about Brit-Cit, and from where.  I know there's Armitage, Steel and the shoddy Mark Millar tea drinker from Crusade, but what else?

Welcome to the board / Back after many years away
« on: 06 May, 2011, 12:44:19 PM »
Hello all,

First post on the board, and back in the Squaxx fold after many, many years away.  Started collecting in the 80s (around the late 400s) and quit in the mid-90s.  Not collecting the prog or meg at the mo', but amassing a large collection of trades (thank you Rebellion).

Favourite Thrills:

1. Strontium Dog
2. Nemesis The Warlock
3. Zenith
4. Dredd

Love anything John Smith (it might be an unpopular choice, but Revere is one of my personal favourites).

Would love to see trade editions of the following:

1. The Complete Tyranny Rex (inc. all the stories from the summer/winter/sci-fi specials)
2. A collected 'minor works' of John Smith (Firekind, Revere, Slaughterbowl, etc)
3. The Complete Journal of Luke Kirby (fat chance, I know)
4. The Complete Zenith (obviously)
5. The next Shakara trade (one of the few newer thrills I've got round to - although I've a few Dante trades waiting in the pile).

Hope to chat on the boards.

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