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Dredds recent Rejuv

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The dude:
Fellow Dredd heads, I was pondering the recent rejuv ole Dreddie has just had. Do any of think this will drop kick any further talk within continuity of his slowing down,  it being as quick etc and put paid to any potential retirement/death as his body now alledgedly younger and fitter. I believe it is a bit of a cop out as this has been such a big part of Dredds story line for the last 20 plus years starting with the Murphs death and then one of episode of him being in the bath at his Rowdy Yates appt and his internal monologue mentioning all his aches and pains. I would really like to start an in depth discussion around this recent move on the part of Rebellion

The Enigmatic Dr X:
You do know this isn't his first rejuve?

I get the distinct impression the aches and pains are in his soul.


--- Quote from: The Enigmatic Dr X on 01 January, 2017, 01:25:15 PM ---You do know this isn't his first rejuve?
--- End quote ---

You just made that up.

They went for a fudge, whereby Dredd's skin and muscles are new - so he can get in fights and doesn't look like Keith Richards - but his bones and some of his organs are still 73. If someone wants to make Dredd's age a plot point again, I suppose he can grumble about his small colon, or something.

JOE SOAP thinks there's mileage in Dredd still having an old brain, but I'm not sure the world is ready for a story where Dredd fights his way across 2000 miles of irradiated wasteland, battling muties, McDonalds clowns, and robot soldiers, only to forget what he went to Megacity two for in the first place.

The dude:
I know of only one other rejuvenate and that was to repair the damage done to him after necropolis, wasn't there also some mention of drugs taken by all Judges accept PSI to help keep them functional as they got older? I still believe they are copping out on Dreddie getting really old and not being able to carry on


--- Quote from: The dude on 01 January, 2017, 02:46:47 PM ---I know of only one other rejuvenate and that was to repair the damage done to him after necropolis
--- End quote ---

Wasn't a rejuve. See the replies to your previous thread on this topic.

Anderson made a passing remark to not being able to take "the standard anti-ageing pills" [1], which some readers interpret as meaning anti-ageing drugs are issued as standard ... rather than Anderson saying she can't take just any old anti-ageing drugs.

Even if you're wedded to that interpretation of that one passing reference, neither Dredd, Hershey, nor any of the medics Dredd has consulted over the years have ever mentioned Dredd taking them. Also, anti-ageing drugs aren't really a thing in Dredd [2].

[1] Lock-in, Meg 227. This is just one of the many things from Grant's Anderson strips which are never mentioned again in Wagner's Dredd strips

[2] There's stookie. That might be an example of the non-standard anti-ageing pills Anderson would be able to take without interfering with her psi-talent. If it wasn't illegal


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