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Godpleton's Thin Ice Awards 2017

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Its been a while, so we need a new Mayor, Best Thread and bestest Boarder Awards:

Just say why and who.  :D

Mister Pops:
I shall prepare some huge walls of unPC, irrelevant text for my mayoral campaign.

The Millenium Falcon build is undoubtably the best thread.

Tordels was my first choice for best boarder, but that fella's too normal and reasonable to win any awards on the internet, so I choose Fox. He does the art contest which I always enjoy, and I get a kick out of the way he uses ALLCAPS, without coming across as completely unhinged.

I want Jim and Tankie to power share the Mayor's Office, the new Chuckle Bros  :D

Favourite thread still Richmond's Underware Thread  :-[

Link Prime:
A. Cow for Mayor.

Shut up, everyone. You're welcome.


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