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I just went to the shop to take advantage of the 50% reduction for Rogue.
I have not been there a while it is ok.
When I go to through the checkout process it asks for a billing address and then skips to credit card, without displaying total amount including shipping.

Is it just me or should it display the amount I am going to pay before I give up my card details?

The cart/trolley does not display any info about delivery nor can I find anything in the FAQ.
I ain't giving my card up without knowing the amount. Also no PayPal?


Eamonn Clarke:
Yes it should.

For a UK address one graphic novel is £3.57 (I think it's the same for two)
For three or all four Rogues it will be £5.35 if my order history is correct

I, Cosh:
Stupid question but did you definitely order the print version?

Yeah I have done it twice more using Opera and Chrome and it is definitely print and it just skips from billing to payment even when "use billing as delivery" is checked or unchecked.

I am using my account and am logged in maybe i'll try it logged out.

ha ha yeah can't do it without being logged in


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