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Hi - this is something we're looking into, as well as the checkout flow in general, as we're not entirely happy with how it currently works.

Certainly agree that having the order details and amount displayed before payment is something that should always happen, in fact should probably show this throughout the whole checkout process .

We'd also like to be able to offer some kind of estimated delivery cost amount, even if you're not logged in.

Also expect to see some further significant improvements to the shop released in batches over the next few months (e.g. we've started to add Preview images to products, at least the new ones).

Thanks for the response. For me not displaying the total amount before asking for my credit card details means I will not shop.
I will not give my card details if I don't know the total amount. I think anyone who does is a bit crazy the amount could be anything.

Maybe there is a confirmation step before the card is charged. But if I decide to stop at the confirmation step I have still given you my card details!!!!

To me this is a no-brainer but maybe I got it all wrong.

Also unchecking the "use this as my delivery address" under the billing address should then take you to a screen where you enter the delivery address. It does not it skips to card details. There is a delivery bullet in your wizard steps but it is skipped.  Seems like a bug to me.


@gurnard - I agree we need to change this behaviour, we'll try to action this as soon as we can. Thanks for your feedback

BTW just to confirm/clarify, we don't ever actually store any payment card details ourselves on our own servers,  any payment card details that are stored are stored with our payment provider, Stripe (see: https://stripe.com/ ), which is a regulated payment provider. For cards details that have previously been stored with Stripe via the 2000 AD web shop, we just reference these for payment via a secure "token", but we never actually see the card details ourselves.

I know this doesn't address the current issue of not always displaying the amount to be charged before asking for card details, but thought you might like to know that we don't actually hold card details ourselves.

Hello @2000ADWebdroid. Thanks for the info


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