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About how much does it cost to ship from US to UK?


I recall the website saying that they only accept submissions mailed directly to their office in Oxford, does anyone know roughly what it would cost to ship something like a parcel containing a few pages from America to England? I had heard it can average somewhere around 30 USD, which sounds pretty steep for a submission.

Are we talking script or art pages? And if art,  what dimensions?

Scriptwise, if you aren't interested in a rapid delivery,  or tracking/registering/insuring, it's $2-$3.

Artwise,  I'd say you'd need to get a quote based on size,  weight, insurance requirements.  And depending on all that, $30 could be on the cheaper side.

I was thinking a script. The reason I thought it would be high is someone had said it would typically cost them around 30 dollars with the U.S. Post Office, though it could be they were sending heavier stuff.

I'm not being a jerk, yet have you tried calling the USPS and asking?  Then again there is this:


I'm seeing $34.25.


You don't need priority mail.  This is what you want for a script submission (which by the way should only be a very few pages - longer ones will just go in the round file): it's $1.15.


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