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Hi there—

On shop.2000ad.com, a monthly digital sub for 2000AD appears to be 7.99US, but on the iPad 2000AD app it’s 9.99US.  Just wondering if there’s a reason for the difference?  Thanks.

Apple takes 20%, so Rebellion offers cheaper pricing if you go direct. To counter this somewhat, the app gives you back issues: subscribe for a month and you get a month of issues for free. Note that as far as I'm aware, however you subscribe, Rebellion offers alternate means of reading your Prog. So subscribe in-app, and you can use your Rebellion ID to sign into the website and grab DRM-free copies to read in an app of your choosing (be that Chunky on iPad, Simple Comic on a Mac, or whatever).

The main reason for the difference is that you can only use Apple's set of price tiers for products and the nearest one available for that product is £9.99. But also, yes, Apple take a big cut.

Makes sense.  I’m finding, though, that when I try to enter my Visa debit card as a payment method — just on the site, not tied to an order yet — the system doesn’t seem to accept it; I get a message about it being declined, although there are certainly funds on it.  (That’s happened before, though when I order items via the app using the same source, there doesn’t seem to be an issue.)

If you're having trouble with the shop, please drop a line to shop@2000adonline.com and customer service droid Ka-TEE will be more than happy to help.


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