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2000ad app problem on Android tablet

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I read my 2000AD content digitally on my Android tablet but recently it has been comlaining about running out of storage space. I have tried cleaning it up and deleting stuff but there is a mysterious few GB in usage somewhere and it is not as easy to manage this kind of thing on the device as it is in Windows.

As a solution, I decided to do a factory reset. After this, the first thing I did was to choose to make the SD card the default location in the storage options since it has higher capacity than the internal storage and is easier to manage. I then re-installed my apps.

All apps work fine with the new set up except the 2000AD app. It installs and runs fine but if I try to download a book I get the following message:

--- Quote ---An error occurred connecting to the 2000 AD Store.

FileNotFoundException - /storage/f623-bbe1/android/data/com.rebellion.app2000ad/files/downloads/prog2125.tmp (No such file or directory)
--- End quote ---

I think the app is trying to use the internal storage instead of the SD card. I can see that the folder does exist on the SD card. Can anyone offer any help to get around this?

Colin YNWA:
Not a solution to the specific problem as I can't for the life of me see how I set the download location BUT I had a very simiar problem with my memory. Its was driving me nuts. Took me an age to track the 'Cache' down in the Settings section. When I did I released to my horror that it was massive and explained entirely why I had such a lot of memory wasted on apparently nothing.

My clearing it - I finally discovered by pressing and holding until it warned me it was about to clear the 'Cache' it freed at 15GB of my then 31GB used storage. I'd whittled things down so much, so often for no reason!

You may well have done this already but if not hunt it down.

Can you move the app back to use internal storage and see if that fixes things?

Reading the above, all of the crates of progs piled up in my garage now seem to be the easy option...... :)


--- Quote from: Pyroxian on 09 April, 2019, 10:12:29 AM ---Can you move the app back to use internal storage and see if that fixes things?

--- End quote ---

As far as I can tell, this is not possible to do for just one app. It has to be done for everything and it will cause problems on all my other apps if I do this.


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