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The dude:
Does any Dredd Head or Drokker out there know the establishment strength of the Mega City One Justice Dept pre 2134 and post 2134. I do not recollect if the actual number of Judges was ever established in the lore. Anyone with an idea please give me an answer.

It is with no little pleasure that I direct you to an arsom thread on this topic:


Also relevant, and glorious:


Please do not let all that utter nonsense stop you from speculating right here!

Professor Bear:
Occasionally there will be a big disaster story written by John Wagner and then writers will have to put the lines "Justice Department is stretched thin" or "the city is on its knees" in the mouths of some random characters for a while, but apart from that, Justice Department is always whatever size that week's story needs it to be to make the plot work.

Where's the fun it that? True joy comes from knowing how exactly how many Auxiliaries there are, and how far into Justice Dept do they go: Traffic? Clerical roles? Med & Tek Division? Iso-cube guards? Those people watching the feeds in Control?

Funt Solo:

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