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Oh I don't know, there's much worse on here.  And if that pun wasn't enough, I'm sure their will be another 'Alan' in a minute.

"Oh Lord for my sins forgive me..."

Yeah, I know I had heard that.  Still it made a funny comment and let us be thankful for that.

Dark times indeed for Moore, but now the sun shines, the birds sing...

It REALLY must be gutting to have the rug pulled out from under you over something like this.  I was very dissapointed at the time, but imagine how Moore felt.  Pretty down I'd guess!

With the release of "From Hell", will there be any chance of Titan & Rebellion cashing in on Alan Moores good name and reprinting "Shocking Futures" & "Twisted Times"? Chronos Cops is still one of my all time favourite strips. And the one about the guy who almost invents a time machine only to be plagued by future versions of his self. What Moore can achieve in 5 or 6 pages is incredible. Anyone who has grown up with the belief that Future Shocks are usually crap training grounds for new talent, take a look at Moores work on the series & his Time Twisters. Pure magic. Strips of this standard haven't been seen since.

2000AD Online:
Talking of Malcom MacClaren, whatever happened to Alan's screenplay for 'Fashion Beast'? Did it get made?


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