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League of extraordinary gentlemen

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Dominic O'Rourke:
let me cast my tuppence on the pile, READ the League, but for others like myself, who aren't versed in victorian litrature, I would also reccomend reading the following books. 20,000 Leagues under the sea, King Solomons Mine, Around the world in 80 days, Dracula, Murder in the Rue Morgue (short story)The time machine, The invisible man, and the John Carter series on mars, Tarzan, then try PJ Farmers tarzan books, Phileas Foggs other Diary, then try this link for a frame by frame anaylisis of League.

Cheers Nathan

That's pretty comprehensive!  Once I have got to London, later his year, even if I don't get the Mayor's job, I'll sell some golden cobble stones to buy some trade paperbacks.

As for lost girls, well, I don't object to sex and a little rudeness (who doesn't?) just crassness and vulgarity.  There is a difference, though perhaps it's just in my mind.  Not that the presence of lesbians would influence me.  Oh no.

I had heard (in an interview) that Moore was incredibly prolific now.  For my mind he hasn't done anything to surpass 'The March of the Sinister Ducks'.  Quack Quack!

Anyway many thanks


p.s. the re-education of PVS continues apace...

If League does ever get filmed, its fairly likely that Moore won't be very much involved - as with From Hell, when the movies get made, he more or less ignores them.


But Alan Moore is credited on the film credits to From Hell as having written the screenplay.

He didn't though. ISTR the only thing he's written of that sort was some sort of play he did with Malcolm Maclaren, and tht was only because he wanted to hang around with Maclaren.

The actual screenplay for From Hell was written by Terry Hayes, writer of the last two Mad Max films and Payback, and Rafael Yglesias, who wrote Death and the Maiden, and not a lot else.

I imagine the confusion comes from the luxuriantly bearded one being given a writer credit for having written th eoriginal story.


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