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Books & Comics / Orbital Comics London closes shop
« on: 30 October, 2021, 12:42:16 PM »

Had quite a few visits to Orbital over the years… :/

General / An excellent little tweet from 2000AD there...
« on: 21 November, 2020, 11:42:46 AM »
A little bit political.... a little bit sharp... a rather large dollop of funny! You’ve still got it, 2000AD!   https://t.co/E9jcm3d2H2

Other Reviews / Cor!! and Buster Humour Special
« on: 19 April, 2019, 10:07:28 PM »
Picked this up for the kids today from our local Smiths. I think it must be a winner because it was being read none stop this afternoon! Now they’re asleep, I should be able to borrow it for myself for a couple of hours! :)

They also get the Beano and were pleased to see another title doing comics in that way.

Roll on the collected editions!

Other Reviews / Absalom
« on: 01 December, 2017, 10:53:32 PM »
Just re-read Noblesse Oblige from Absalom book 1. Talk about bringing the awesome! If you haven’t got the collected edition, I would humbly recommend you give it a whirl.

General / Christmas sale
« on: 29 November, 2017, 10:09:14 PM »
While browsing the Christmas sale goodies, I noticed that the following e-books were on sale for an unbelievable 99p each:
- Dredd Year 1 (a three book omnibus!)
- Dredd Year 2 (another three book omnibus!!)
- Anderson Year 1 (you’ve guessed it... )

Amazing value. Simply amazing. Praise be to Tharg!

Might have to buy some more now...

Film & TV / Best of packs for Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee
« on: 07 November, 2013, 07:59:35 PM »
Three gorgeous looking best of Doctor Who packs have appeared on UK itunes. One for each of the first three Doctors. Only a tenner each. Stunningly good value!

I've just bought the Troughton one, myself. Check it out, good people!

General / 2000AD on your telly!
« on: 19 September, 2013, 09:47:15 PM »
Ok, this is so unbelievably good, I've just got to post about it. I've just read the prog... on my telly!!!



Well, younglings, let me explain. Using the iphone app and an Apple TV it works AMAZINGLY!!! Gorgeous massive detail. On. Your. Telly!

If that isn't worth getting an Apple TV for, I don't know what is!

Film Discussion / Judge Minty and Dredd 2
« on: 24 May, 2013, 09:40:07 PM »
This MUST have been said somewhere before, but just in case....

Doesn't the excellent Judge Minty film show just how awesome a low budget Cursed Earth Dredd 2 could be? While we're all off petitioning the makers of Dredd 3D for a sequel, it possibly wouldn't hurt to throw this idea into the mix (with a link to it on YouTube to make it easy).

Website and Forum / Digital graphic novels
« on: 24 July, 2011, 11:09:35 PM »
I want to say a big thank you to the team behind releasing the first two digital graphic novels. I've picked them both up (Dredd Case Files 01 & The VCs) and am one very, very happy customer.

Looking forward to future releases!

Thanks all!  :D

News / Digital download progs in 2000AD shop
« on: 03 December, 2010, 10:15:39 PM »
Have you seen all the digital download progs on the 2000AD shop? Looking good!

I wonder if there are plans to add any of the trade paperbacks here? (particularly as I don't have enough space and can't afford a bigger house!)

General / New PDF versions of trade paperbacks?
« on: 20 June, 2010, 11:26:25 PM »
I've been looking occasionally on drivethrucomics at the 2000AD range and see that there are a fair few titles but that new ones don't seem to be appearing. Is there a schedule for PDF versions anywhere?

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