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The following message was posted today on the Dan Dare yahoo group. I've replied to it mentioning that Eric also did work for 2000AD. Hopefully I'll be able to put up a mini bio and photo on his droid page based on the fanzine tribute mentioned below.


I've heard from former 'new' eagle editor Barrie Tomlinson that Eric Bradbury died a few months ago. Eric contributed to Eagle, Scream and Battle and is best known for Doomlord. A tribute to Eric will follow
in Eagle Flies Again in due course.
Link: Eric Bradbury Profile page

Thread Zero:
He drew lots of Tharg tales in the specials over the years.

Plus I remember his Dracula art in Scream.


Really sorry to hear that.

It'd be unfair just to mention Eagle and 2000AD. He drew tons of stuff for Valiant and Lion, and tons of British comics going back to the 60s too, like Adam Eterno, Mytek the Mighty, Cursitor Doom, and tons of other stuff. And he was a really excellent and atmospheric artist, too.          

I've enjoyed a lot of Eric's work over the years in a variety of comics, so it has been quite sad to hear that he has died.  

Thinking of the comic strips he drew takes me back to when I was a kid reading Doomlord. I think he captured the humour of some of the strips he did very well.

Is there any chance we could have one of the stories he illustrated online for people to read?

We've all seen Eric Bradbury's work at some time or other, and this is very sad news.

Hear hear to Wake's suggestion.  Any chance of some sort of tribute?



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