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Funt Solo:
I don't know - saying "diavolo" in a Glasgow accent is quite fun.

The Monarch:
plus minor spoiler ahead one of Dantes disguises later on is scottish so its not far off xd

HELLO IRREGULARS! How is your summer going?

We miss you and we hope you're doing ok. We're still in Scotland, but the honeymoon is over (cue weeping) but we managed to drive (well, Simon did) about 2500 miles through Alba's islands and Highlands and we're married.

So that means season 2 of the podcast is coming!

Ideas for season two:

-Continuing our readthrough (of course)
-Edie and Simon chatting with people about their involvement in Dante (artists, editors, publisher big wigs etc)

So what would you like to hear in season two? We're open to suggestions.

We'll be overseas through the beginning of September, so look for episodes to resume at the end of that month. When we're back in the Delta-soaked United States! Yay! Oh well, more time to stay quarantined inside our home to be safe and make more episodes.



Bad Andy:
I do like the idea of guests on the show. Not that you two aren't gold, but might be good to freshen it up  bit for series 2.

Colin YNWA:
Yeah I love the story insights from the two of you but guests will add an extra dimension.

For me though its best if these were done as extras / specials and the podcast as a whole remains the reflections of the core team (you and Simon) on what you read. That way we have a 'travelogue' through a single 'journey' and a personal insight on one level. Then the more resource / compaign piece on another.

Whatever you decide and find time for I'm looking forward to it immensely and

CONGRATULATIONS on ... errr completing the honeymoon... hope you had fun.


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