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Barrington Boots:
Hurray! Honeymoons rule and so does this Podcast returning.

Going forward, more of what we've had before, please! I'd definitely be interested to hear the thoughts of other Dante 'alumni' in the same sort of relaxed format.

This near to the end of the year I'll bet the honeymoon seems like something that happened an age ago - but you have to start off the next series with a brief run-down of how it went - did you visit many distilleries?  Or is that just something that the Irregulars would do while in Scotland?

Hi Simon and Eddie, I’m not sure if you are still checking in here but I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the podcast and am now finally up to date. (It’s been a bit surreal reading it given what is actually going on in the real world now).

The podcast has really added to my enjoyment and understanding of the strip and you have addressed a few things I was wondering about myself. Like how come Dante knew where Jena’s cabin was.

I was wondering when you’ll be back? Hopefully it will be soon.

Eadie not Eddie.

Blinking autocorrect😢.

When I saw that this thread had been updated I thought that meant there was a new season of podcasts starting!  Alas, no - just somebody else in the same boat as me, waiting for it to begin again :-)


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