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I wrote some weird shit

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The Legendary Shark:

Any CBD based remedies for combating multiple irritating posts syndrome?

Been a while since we got this much spam in a short period.

Oh man, spam, in my thread? And I missed it?
Now I just feel half arsed.

Anyway, thanks for the purchase IAMTHESYSTEM! My gratitude is immeasurable!
Had some good luck this week, I wrote a short story for a charity zine, and two of my microfictions will be appearing this year in the 100 Word Horror chapbook collection.

Congratulations, Hawkie. And finally I see where the Hawk part of your board name comes from. (Also, Zac Hawkins is like a sci fi update of the Treasure Island guy - like it.)

Bought - looking forward to reading it.

Too kind Jayzus, I hope you enjoy (?) and thanks for the kind words again!


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