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Does My Figure look big in this?

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Trooper McFad:

--- Quote from: atp on 05 June, 2022, 03:08:37 PM ---Your thread is my first port of call when visiting this forum.

The Gronk and Walter, superb, as is the Jaroo. Glad to see you took a punt on using Skulpey, it’s such a  versatile material.
Best of all you can rework your sculpture as much as you like until you’re happy it. What's more unlike Milliput there is no time restraint, just cover it in Clingfilm and you can work on your piece over a few days.
Great idea adding flexible arms to Walter, and you have captured the personality
of the Gronk perfectly.

How about some start to finish pics of your creations, would be great to see
your methods and progress as your project works to completion.
Anyway as you asked so nicely to see other creations, here’s another one of my past pieces.

Which was sculpted from scratch using Sculpey.

--- End quote ---
Thanks atp

Yes I did enjoy using sculpty and on one or more occasions I threw the toys out the pram doing Walter and started again which would have been impossible with milliput. Though it’s still useful filling in those gaps when assembling.
I will be using sculpty again (and I have a few figures in mind) but I need to finish an ABC warrior that I started converting from a Batman kit way back last October and I’ve been using milliput.

By the way your Mean is awesome the facial expression and details all over him are great. The paint job is superb.
How long you been making these?
I’ve always dabbled in painting models and mini’s but only started converting with my Hammerstein and slowly found the confidence to do more and start from scratch (ro-jaws , Hoagy, Gronk and now Walter). I was frustrated at the lack of 2000AD model kits that weren’t Dredd/Death/Anderson so I had to take matters into my own hands. 😂😂😂

If anyone is new to the board and interested in modelling I recommend looking at atp’s links on this thread there’s a fantastic Dredd a couple of pages back.

Once again if anyone else has made or converted anything to a 2000AD (in fact anything) post it here and share with the board.

Just to add to the superlatives and say thanks, Trooper McFad, these bring a smile to my face.

Trooper McFad:

--- Quote from: Tiplodocus on 17 June, 2022, 09:22:50 PM ---Just to add to the superlatives and say thanks, Trooper McFad, these bring a smile to my face.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Just glad others enjoy the things I put together.

All the creations sit on the cabinet next to me in my office (Daughters old room) and when ever I get frustrated and bored at long zoom meetings I just glance up and they make me smile 😀


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