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Nerdist have a interview with Garth Ennis about his new project for 2000AD Hawk the slayer a 5 part mini series with art from Henry Flint. The story is a direct sequel to the 1980's film and continues the story where the film left off. Hawk the Slayer #1 debuts on April 13, 2022


I, Cosh:

Colin YNWA:
Well while I'm going to be all over this like a sticky rash - I mean what a glorious creative team - I do have to say... and don't run me out of town here... I started to watch Hawk the Slayer the other day on noticing it was on telly. I didn't get past the first 20 minutes... probably less. It was utter tosh!

Not in the prog, but a stand alone US format series, which will be reprinted in the floppy with the Meg.

Can not wait


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