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 The great artist Ian Kennedy has just passed away aged 89. A great loss to the 2000AD universe and the British comic world Best wishes go out to all his Family

Colin YNWA:
Oh no that's horrible news. I'm so glad he seemed to get to so many conversations and events over the last few years so he hopefully knew how loved his work was.

Love and respect to his family. RIP Ian Kennedy.

Trooper McFad:
I was fortunate to meet him at the 40th bash and once more at the Glasgow comic con.
He was a great artist & true gent

Condolences to his friends and family RIP Ian Kennedy

Funt Solo:
There's a video interview with him where he explains that he's never been happy with how he draws hands - and I showed that to my animation students to try to get across the idea that, despite you not thinking your work is perfect, it doesn't mean that you can't come to terms with that and move on successfully.

RIP Ian Kennedy

Aw. It was always lovely to see one of the old greats still making new art. What a shame he’s gone. But I suppose 89 isn’t a bad innings.


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