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Creative Common - Rules to be read before you end up dead


This forum is for all you creative types to exchange ideas, post your works, how-to guides, ask about things you want to learn, and generally create cool stuff.

These rules augment and modify the general 2000AD Forum Rules.

Critique Rules

This is fairly new board so don't be suprised if it takes a while for anything you post to get a response.

If you ask for feedback, you better be ready to get both positive and negative comments. Don't start crying your eyes out because your work isn't accepted as a masterpiece from day one.

With that in mind, if you're giving feedback, you should be trying your damnedest to make it constructive crtisism. Negative feedback which is just abrasive will get you thrown out pretty sharpish.
That said, we aren't the gestapo, so as long as you're not just being a jerk you should be fine.


Be aware that anything you post here will become public and free for anyone else to read or edit, or build on.
It would be unwise to post lengthy excerpts from your big novel idea before it's published as someone else could publish something similar and theres nothing you can do about it.
Additionally, posting "this is my work and nobody else can use it or anything like it" does not make it so.


Don't post images wider than 800 pixels. You can attach multiple images to your posts, so there's really no excuse for breaking this rule.
Most good image hosts also allow you to post thumbnails, so take advantage of that feature.

Don't Plagerise

If you steal someone elses work outright then there's a high probability you'll be found out, so please spare us the drama. If you need to steal someone elses work for you to feel an ounce of self-worth on a no-name forum on the internet, you need more help than we can offer.

This doesn't include things like tracing, script re-use, recolouring, or building on someone elses work if you have a cool idea, it just means don't rip some Judge Dredd art of Google Image Search and post it as your own.

Business and Money

Please don't hire, lease, sell or buy stuff in this forum. You've got the classifieds forum for that if people are really interested in your work.

Further to that, this is not a recruiting zone endorsed by 2000 AD or Rebellion. Posting your work here does not qualify as a submission to 2000 AD, although you can find details of how best to do that on the 2000 AD Submissions page.

Final Word

If you think someone is breaching a rule, report it and we'll get around to it, don't wreck up their thread.

If you think your post might be mistaken for breaching any of the above rules, either clear it with an mod first via PM, or just PM a mod and hope you don't get squashed by another mod. We're not terribly organised.

As with all forums, the moderator or admins word is final, and we enforce the spirit of the rule, not the wording - so don't try to weasel around the edges.


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