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Just a general thread for the trailers.

You can seem them uploaded here:


Anyway just a note to say the Judge Dredd: Origins trailer romped passed 20,000 views the other day, which is quite something:


Looking at the stats the bulk of them are coming from "related video" links, mainly from things that'd come up when people searched for a trailer on the Dredd movie. When the recent Empire photos came out the amount of traffic jumped to around 180-200 hits a day (starting in late July) and has stayed high. Demographics are 12% female and an age peak 35-44, probably a reasonable reflection of the current readership.

So it is good to see there is already plenty of strong interest in the Dredd film, let's hope they can keep that interest in the year between now and the film debuting.

The Enigmatic Dr X:
Well there seem to be a lot more new folk here since Empire.


--- Quote from: The Enigmatic Dr X on 08 September, 2011, 05:15:02 PM ---Well there seem to be a lot more new folk here since Empire.
--- End quote ---

Definitely, it was a real shot in the arm and doesn't seem to have died back (you can also get Empire on your iPad, so there are still folks picking it up digitally too).

Subscribed (though I'll have to wait until I'm on a better connection until I actually watch any of them).


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