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Does My Figure look big in this?

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Trooper McFad:
To all Squaxx
Using inspiration from the “Does my Art look big in this?” thread
I think that all of us enthusiastic amateur sculptures/model makers deserve a thread to show their creativity and imagination.

Having only been on the board a relatively short time compared to some it’s not easy to find others creations. But they are out their - Shaolin 👍🏻.

So no matter how long ago it was done, if anyone has pics of unique creations either changed from shop bought kits, action figures or ambitious “built from scratch” figures please post here for all to find under one banner.
(a few details on how it was done would be great hopefully give me tips on future characters)

I’ll start it off with the ones I did over the last year. My latest creation should be finished in about a week and I believe it’s above my “normal” standards

Trooper McFad:
Hamerstien – used a knock off “Tsukuda” kit. I changed position of arms & hands. Body amended with Model clay. Other bits & pieces added using Milliput.

Trooper McFad:
Ro-Jaws - made from scratch. Main body is Model clay and the addons sculpted from Milliput.

Trooper McFad:
Dredd V Batman – Dredd is a converted knock off Halcon kit. Repositioned arms & legs. Batman is converted from toy figure. Changed leg position and added Cape. The cape was made with model clay. All other tweaks were sculpted using Milliput

Trooper McFad:
Earl Reagan – Converted Indiana Jones kit using Milliput to change hat and add waistcoat boots & holster.


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