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Author Topic: Spoilery Advent Crossword help  (Read 111 times)


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Spoilery Advent Crossword help
« on: 24 December, 2021, 03:04:23 PM »

Here are the stories the villains in my crossword come from. There's a wee bit of crossover so I'll just say which series they FIRST appeared in if they've appeared in more than one (Nelson Bunker Kreelman, for example, popped up last in a Dredd story,  but would be listed under Strontium Dog here). The number after the story is the number of characters from it - obviously Dredd gets the most!

Dredd:  5
Strontium Dog: 3
Slaine: 2
Zenith: 2
Rogue Trooper: 1
Nemesis: 2
Nikolai Dante: 1
Ace Trucking Co: 1
Edginton Universe: 1
Indigo Prime: 1


Here are the clues again,  but now with the names of the stories beside them.

1. See how many in front of the bonfire - find a bodyguard! (5, 4) - DANTE
3. Saying article, ex-hero has a godly influence (7) - ZENITH
4. Tripod constructed around ring becomes a transformer (7) - Bad Company
7. Pirate sounds like Daddy Pig (4, 3-2) STRONTIUM DOG
8. Smash a sturdy box - find a demon inside (6) EDGIVERSE
9. Pretender halfback in scrambled SIM (7) NEMESIS
10. Jack's master is found with unsettled, stoic air (8) INDIGO PRIME
14. Force Adam to be cast out when god appears (10) NEMESIS
16. Smelly leader? Smelly leader left - ought Thor to be confused? (6, 5) SLÁINE
17. Luge wrecked - excavation needed to uncover the armed head (7) SLÁINE
18. Krool confused for another enemy (5) DREDD
19. A bit of a shake for the rogue biologist (4) DREDD

2. A double-crosser, but not in any specific way (7, 7) ROGUE TROOPER
5. America goes after the beast; the ancient beast (7) DREDD
6. Sore bad boy (4) STRONTIUM DOG
7. Nip back and look for a bent lawgiver (3) DREDD
11. Inside is a gangster, a bad brother! (5) STRONTIUM DOG
12. An embarrassing mistake or just a big loudmouth? (6) DREDD
13. It took so messed up a creature to possess a super body (3, 5) ZENITH
15. Live all over the place with courage, as a space buccaneer  (4,4) ACE TRUCKING CO
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