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Author Topic: Advent Calendar Creeptic Crossword Solution - SPOILERS  (Read 55 times)


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Advent Calendar Creeptic Crossword Solution - SPOILERS
« on: 31 December, 2021, 05:14:03 PM »
1. See how many in front of the bonfire - find a bodyguard! (5, 4)
COUNT PYRE (See how many - count; bonfire - pyre)
3. Saying article, ex-hero has a godly influence (7)
MAXIMAN (saying = maxim; article = an)
4. Tripod constructed around ring becomes a transformer (7)
PROTOID (Anagram of 'TRIPOD' around 'o')
7. Pirate sounds like Daddy Pig (4, 3-2)
PAPA POR-KA (self-explanatory!)
8. Smash a sturdy box - find a demon inside (6)
9. Pretender halfback in scrambled SIM (7)
MIMESIS (Anagram of SIM containing 'Semi' backwards)
10. Jack's master is found with unsettled, stoic air (8)
ISCARIOT (Anagram of 'stoic air')
14. Force Adam to be cast out when god appears (10)
TORQUEMADA (Force = Torque, Anagram of 'Adam')
16. Smelly leader? Smelly leader left - ought Thor to be confused? (6, 5)
SLOUGH THROT (First letter of 'Smelly' = 's', left = 'l', 'ought', anagram of 'Thor')
17. Luge wrecked - excavation needed to uncover the armed head (7)
GULEDIG (Anagram of 'luge', excavation = 'dig')
18. Krool confused for another enemy (5)
ORLOK (Anagram of 'Krool')
19. A bit of a shake for the rogue biologist (4)
JUDD (Part of the word 'judder')

2. A double-crosser, but not in any specific way (7, 7)
TRAITOR GENERAL (Unspecific = general)
5. America goes after the beast; the ancient beast (7)
SATANUS (The Beast = Satan, America = US)
6. Sore bad boy (4)
BUBO ( a type of sore)
7. Nip back and look for a bent lawgiver (3)
PIN ('Nip' backwards)
11. Inside is a gangster, a bad brother! (5)
SAGAN (...iS A GANgster)
12. An embarrassing mistake or just a big loudmouth? (6)
HOWLER (self explanatory!)
13. It took so messed up a creature to possess a super body (3, 5)
IOK SOTOT (Anagam of 'it took so')
15. Live all over the place with courage, as a space buccaneer (4,4)
EVIL GUTS (Anagram of 'evil', courage = guts)
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