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50th Anniversary Events


This may seem a little morbid and a little bizarre but I do wonder about how we would celebrate half a century of 2000ad.

For me top of the list would be the line up for the anniversary prog.  I would love to see a Wagner / McMahon Dredd strip that played to their strengths.  Should it be something harking back to Dredd's early career or a reflection on how much has changed in the half century since we first met the character?

It would be great to see Dan Dare grace the pages of the prog once more, reflecting on the fact that we are handling multiple landmarks for British comic history.  Will Rebellion and the DDC be able to square that circle? 

Savage has managed to establish himself as a lasting character from those early days.  Surely there is a case for his presence at that point.  Mr Mills' unique political perspective surely still has a place too.  Should that not be given its respectful place?

Future sport has struggled in the years since we first saw Harlem Heroes.  Leaving aside the racial dimension, attempts at reviving this trip have struggled.  That said, how would we acknowledge Gibson's artwork and (presumably) Mills' writing?  Arguably there needs to be some acknowledgement of the source, Action Comic and Rollerball?

Then again, much of this is looking back at the last 40 odd years with the sensibility of someone who has followed the prog from those early days.  This poses the question of how to pay respect to those who have "built on the shoulders of giants."  Not just in artistic but also in literary terms.  The talent we have enjoyed through the years is staggering.

Personally I would love to see Tooth doing what it has always done; delivering astounding quality week in, week out.  The 50'th anniversary prog needs to be something spectacular.  If it involved creators from the earliest days that would be amazing.  Regrettably Ezquerra is no longer able to deliver something but McMahon is.  Perhaps it is worth considering this before too many creators are lost to us.

I well remember what a big deal Prog 500 was.
What with the artists and writers cutting loose with such frankness in ‘Tharg’s Head Revisited’, it almost looked like they didn’t believe they’d make it to Prog 520 and the tenth anniversary.
Of course, to a teenager like I was, the year 2000 itself was still laughably futuristic.
And here we are talking about a 50th anniversary like it’s a real thing, which I suppose it must be.

I'm not a fan of McMahon's current style.

Dan Dare isn't an important part of the prog's history, and seems irrelevant now; also I don't know how resurrecting that character would work today.

Pat Mills isn't going to do anything new for the prog.

Future sports are invariably boring, in my view. I wasn't a fan of the recent Bladers.

I agree with Tom's last paragraph.

we will get the final Dredd story on 50th anniversary


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