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Trooper McFad:
Well folks after another eventful and speedy year it's that time again for you to bring some festive cheer to the board.

I'll start by continuing my theme from last year and submit my latest Tree decorations. I'll submit these over the next 3 days. Hope you enjoy my 3 Wise Fatties.

The comments thread will be created for any comments.


Trooper McFad:

Trooper McFad:

Looking Back (slight return): the Christmas single

In my part of the world, Zero Hour for the Apocalypse War came on Christmas Eve 1981. I remember the usual Christmas Eve kerfuffles, and I remember my grandfather dropping in to help out with something electrical, and I remember sitting in front of the tree, reading, ‘For many millions the world will end today.’
It was my first Christmas prog. It was weird and it was violent and for years to come it would be as much a part of the season as looking for the sellotape.

Prog 555 came out on Christmas Eve 1987 too, and that was a good day and that was a good prog.
Chopper committing inadvertent cannibalism at the hands of Cookie the psycho robot; a decaying Torquemada carving up Thoth with a chainsaw; Kano bludgeoning townsfolk to death with a rock; the ABC Warriors shooting and smushing and spreading the word.
New-look logo or no, the tradition of horrific mayhem previously seen in such things as Bizmo Klux the Rad Beast was being honourably upheld here.

I was seventeen, but a harmless young idiot, and I count 1987 as a childhood Christmas. No one had moved out of the family home yet and we still did Christmas stuff more or less as we always had – stuff like going to midnight mass.
It’s a bizarrely happy memory: standing in a packed church, too hot inside my coat, the hymns loud in my ears, and my imagination dwelling on the eviscerated dangling corpses in Simon Bisley’s first go at the ABC Warriors.
But if it was a childhood Christmas, it was the last of them. We grow up. We move on.

I don’t really do Christmas these days. You’re not allowed to just ignore it, but over the years I’ve found a way to make the season pass quite painlessly.
I don’t have to share an office anymore with the sort of people who want to hang tinsel around your monitor and who will give you a hard time when you don’t let them.
In those times I was often tempted to quote Dickens at them.
‘Keep Christmas in your own way, and let me keep it in mine.’
I’d have bet serious money that the people calling me Scrooge had never actually read the story.
But to be honest, I’ve never read much Dickens either. He wasn’t my thing.
A better reply – and one more grounded in my Yuletide reading – would have been:
‘Don’t want Christmas! Want flesh!’
Then they’d have kept their fucking tinsel to themselves.

Trooper McFad:
And Finally from me just to fill another day here are last years and this years Decy's in situ on the "office" tree

Seasons Greetings


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