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: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Apestrife 25 August, 2019, 05:28:40 PM
A Breaking bad movie is coming out 11th of October, and here's a teaser :)


I like the idea of a Pinkman-movie. Especially with BCS season 5 not coming out until next year  :)
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: MacabreMagpie 25 August, 2019, 06:40:24 PM
Yeah, Jesse's fate post-finale has always bugged me a bit since it seemed more than likely he would be screwed in one way or another so I'm glad we'll get some closure. I was thinking we might have gotten something in the "present day" bits of Better Call Saul but I'll take this.

That teaser is a bit crap, though, mostly down to Charles Baker's overly dramatic delivery of his lines as Skinny Pete. But I'm not too concerned as I have faith in the creative team.

Nice little easter egg on the walls at the start of that trailer, too.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Rately 25 August, 2019, 10:15:45 PM
Looking forward to this.

I know people are clamouring for the return of Walter White, but I think he had as perfect an ending as a character can get. We can be greedy and expect more but I think I would be a lot happier if this movie ended with Saul somehow getting involved to save Jesse and then it leading to the next series of Better Call Saul.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: MacabreMagpie 11 October, 2019, 12:35:47 PM
Watched it this morning!

Enjoyed it and found it a satisfying epilogue to Breaking Bad, though - if I'm honest - I think it's a bit bloated and could have been half an hour shorter. We'll see how I feel on a second watch, though.

I think people who adore Better Call Saul (like myself!) will really enjoy it as it's paced in a way that will feel very familiar to viewers of that show and it has enough action in there to keep those who don't entertained.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: radiator 12 October, 2019, 12:05:20 AM
Seeing this tonight (at a cinema. even though I have Netflix at home, because I'm weird like that).

Jesse's fate post-finale has always bugged me a bit since it seemed more than likely he would be screwed in one way or another so I'm glad we'll get some closure.

In all honesty, though i will totally lap this film up, it's never something I wondered about. Though there was a bit of ambiguity, my personal interpretation was always that he went on to better things - him breaking through the locked gates at the end seemed fairly symbolic of him leaving all this shit behind, and I chose to interpret the earlier scene of Jesse woodworking as a flash-forward to him living a better life.

In any case, as long as Vince Gilligan keeps making spin off movies and set in the little interconnected universe of the criminal underworld of Albuquerque he has created, I'll keep watching them.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Buttonman 12 October, 2019, 10:10:58 PM
Thought it was great - very like Breaking Bad with a small problem taking 20 minutes to resolve but with it being done with logic, humour, tension etc.

The scene where Jesse was searching Todd's flat for the cash and dealing with the fake cops was great but it went n for ages - I was like 'we've only got two hours here - hurry up!' Overall I was satisfied - it was like checking in with old friends. Will it be left here? Could live with a series of Pinkman in Alaska.

Solid 8/10 for me.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Apestrife 13 October, 2019, 09:34:06 AM
A bit long, but solid. Felt like watching two episodes back to back. A nice epilogue to Breaking Bad. I really liked the flashbacks, especially those with Todd. Such a dude  ;)

The one at the diner was also really good. Left little doubt about Walter's main reason for cooking. Such a sad and empty man. Jesse's face was very telling.

Ending was a bit anti climatic, but I think it fitted Jesse's arc. Got a good feeling.

Btw. After watching it I saw the news... https://www.rollingstone.com/movies/movie-news/robert-forster-jackie-brown-actor-obit-898237/
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Keef Monkey 14 October, 2019, 04:20:59 PM
Already put my thoughts in the movie thread, but basically I was in the same boat as Radiator in not really feeling like the end of the show needed any follow-up. That was going in though, and once the film was rolling I was sucked right in and really glad to get more time in that world with those characters. Loved it.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: radiator 14 October, 2019, 05:45:55 PM
Thoroughly enjoyed it, but in the final analysis it doesn't add anything to the overall story, or really tell us anything new about any of the previously established characters.

It's more of a victory lap, and a chance to see all of these beloved characters one last time.

Solidly entertaining, but ultimately a little superfluous in that it essentially ends on almost exactly the same note as the TV show did, with Jesse driving off to an uncertain future.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: JOE SOAP 14 October, 2019, 07:32:40 PM
Jesse has a more cathartic resolution to his story similar to the way Walt did. This ending makes it more balanced for both characters who are basically co-leads.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Richard 14 October, 2019, 11:11:48 PM
I enjoyed all of it. I didn't think it was too long, it was two hours, which is standard. When the tv series ended, I thought that was a satisfactory ending which didn't need to be followed up, but having seen this I'm glad they did. It's just brilliant stuff.
: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: Rately 15 October, 2019, 10:58:40 AM
I really enjoyed it, and as already said, was a lovely epilogue, and finish to Jesse's story.

Really intrigued to see where Vince Gilligan and the team behind Better Call Saul take us now, and hoping we see more mini-movies like this, focused on some of the more interesting background characters we met, whether living or dead.

: Re: El Camino -A Breaking Bad Movie
: MacabreMagpie 16 October, 2019, 10:37:23 AM
I don't agree that it doesn't add anything to Jesse's story.

The main thing that bothered me leaving Breaking Bad was that, after his initial adrenaline rush at being free, he'd be plagued by PTSD from both his captivity and what happened to Andrea and Brock and they definitely showed us elements of that being true. But having watched El Camino...

... I now feel that Jesse has a better chance at a happy future with that fresh start than at the end of Breaking Bad and that to some extent the punishment he endured at the hands of Todd's group will allow him to move on from what happened to Andrea, since he probably feels like her death was his fault but he's paid for it.

I don't think that's exactly explicit in the show, but it's an interpretation I like because it makes all that time Jesse spent in captivity a little less ultimately tragic as the thing that will give him catharsis and allow him to move on and begin a new life.