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'2000 AD' Signs Audiobook Deal With Penguin Random House

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Dash Decent:
'Penguin Random House will adapt five 2000 AD graphic novels into full-cast audiobooks, with original soundtracks and sound design, alongside audio versions of Rebellion’s prose fiction.'
 - Hollywood Reporter

'Richard Lennon, Audio Publisher at Penguin Random House, said:“This is a really exciting new partnership which helps us reach even more listeners in this hugely popular and ever-growing section of the audiobook market. We’re looking forward to helping tell some of Rebellion’s incredible stories and to creating some truly groundbreaking recordings, particularly as we explore turning some of British comic book history’s true greats – Judge Dredd, Slaine and Rogue Trooper, to name but a few – into audiobooks for the first time.”'
- 2000AD website news

Colin YNWA:
Interesting idea. Wonder how it will work and I'm intrigued to see how they deal with such visually driven story but will be fascinating to find out.

I still have the audiobook of 'The Apocalypse War' kicking about somewhere.  It was very good!!

Any guesses which ones will be adapted?

Bad Andy:
The 2000ad audios by Big Finish were excellent. Although they were original stories rather than adaptations.

Be interesting to see how these turn out.

The Monarch:
nikolai dante please


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