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Got a lot of nostalgic love for Necronauts, but it can't be denied that Rennie has got more sophisticated and I tend to like that in a story. Still, Necronauts deserves respect for being one of the earlier iterations of 'let's throw together a bunch of famous people from the past and put them on a thematically appropriate adventure' - it predates League of Extraorindary Gentlemen, even, doesn't it?

Still, Aquila is better.
re: Father Earth.

I haven't ever looked into it, but are all the previous reprints of "Father Earth" (pre-dating Rebellion's collections) as bad as the versions in Case Files etc.? It was collected in the 1989 Annual, Complete Judge Dredd 12, a couple of Titan editions and there's always the original printing in progs 122-125. Is every version of it in reprint and the original printing as bad for loss of detail etc.?

Scanning from the comics isn't ideal, but for a Bolland Dredd that only runs to four episodes (20-ish pages?) I'm surprised that scanning and cleaning up from the progs hasn't been done by now.
Look, I'll say that Damnation Station is a VERY clever story that never quite manages to be satisfying, I think mostly because it keeps shifting which character we're following through events.
Mazeworld is trying very hard to be a clever story but doesn't actually, I think, have a satisyfing story to tell.
But, you know, Mazeworld is like 17 kinds of beautiful, and the art provides a big dose of the cleverness that the script is missing. Which is more than enough to win this round - but just to throw it a little bit of love I'm voting Damnation Station - which does, also, have some really spectacular art: horrifically nasty alien design from Simon Davis, beautiful alien landscapes from Book Cook, and some real emotional heft for the ending from Mark Harrison.
Aquila largely leaves me cold. It's a problem when your protagonist is a moody, unlikeable lunk.Necronauts for me - unique, memorable, didn't outstay its welcome
General / Re: Sideshow Vote: The end of the road
« Last post by AlexF on Today at 09:43:54 AM »
Yes please!
Happy to go beyond the Prog fro the sideshow, loving the idea of cruelly cutting down all your opinions on what the best story arc is for each thrill :)
General / Re: Space Spinner 2000AD
« Last post by sheridan on Today at 09:43:04 AM »
Tyranny Rex pulling a Dan Dare and genociding a species :D
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