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DRAW - yep let's cut straight to the chase, for the first time in this tourney we have a tie and thus the call falls to me.

Extinction Rebellion will be gluing themselves to the ground outside the FFTA offices this morning.

so was it really the dark ages of the prog?


Zoiks! Someone actually voted for Kip

Huge fan of Bob Byrne's Twisted Tales and of pretty much anything else Bob has ever produced.
Talented fecker.

Bendatti Vendetta is the least worst option here.

Sooner or Later - can't beat the combo of Lennon–McCartney Milligan-McCarthy.

Pan-African Judges really stepped up a gear in the bizarre second series, including a quantum leap in the quality of the artwork. Shame I can't vote for it here.

That said, Atavar is a genuine Top Thrill personal favourite - pure 2000AD Sci-fi genius from the pen of the mighty D. Abnett.

I'll vote Trash for El Dobbyn.

Breathing Space was pretty good, but never lived up to the weight of the initial build-up if I recall.

I'll vote a wild card here - I would re-read The Clown this morning if presented with the choice.

Books & Comics / Re: New Comic Book Day Megathread
« on: 29 November, 2021, 04:49:21 PM »
Well maybe this is the comic you could try to risk dipping back?

For the first time ever, my pull list is down to one title; 2000AD.
No going back now.

Metalzoic. All the way.

I quite enjoy Droid Life on occasion, and nearly gave it the nod, but then I remembered that single episode of Inaba with that sensational Frank Quitely artwork - Babes with Big Bazookas.

Inaba for the Katsu!

Pussyfoot 5 of course.

The only thing that sucked more that the 'A life less ordinary' movie was the comic adaptation.

Jaysus Colin, you're churning these out!

I've missed a few, but would have voted Numbercruncher here too.

Off Topic / Re: Life is riddled with a procession of minor impediments
« on: 24 November, 2021, 04:11:38 PM »
Accepts the typical variation of files up to 5MB, so a 48KB PDF should be a doddle right? Wrong.


Every Forumite who ever tried to attach a Pic.

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