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Thread Zero:
My worst characters?

Mmm...there have been so many!

Not really!

Er... I must admit I detested Carver Hale. Could become my all time worst 2K story.
Reading that dialogue was like being trapped inside Bob Hoskin's mouth.

Bleeding el gov, the pigs ar arfter us!
Apples and pears.

I prefer Fred Astair!

What else?

Urban Strike, Mean Team, all Flesisher's (forgive the spelling) stuff, Zippy Couriers, Death Race 2000, Skizz book 2 and 3, Morrison And Millar Dredd's, Millar's Robo Hunter (now that was seriously bad!) the last Flesh series in 2k, Durham Red (sorry Matt) and of course my current fav: Garth's Helter Skelter.
A masterpiece of ineptitude that.


Ps. I think Belardinelli is no longer with us. He has gone to the great artist board in the sky.
Classic artist he was.


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