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Morbus Iff:
G'day. Long ago, I received ownership of 2000ad.wikia.com, originally renamed from judgedredd.wikia.com (which has since been recreated and reabandoned, it appears). Since that time, I had set up a draft wiki on a localhost to test out my own non-Wikia approach to the topic (since, I figured, if I were going to spend all that time on it, I'd want to earn money from my own ads, and not Wikia's). Generally, I'm not that fond of many of Wikia's approaches either (mass changed that often screw up wikis, etc., etc.). I set up a bunch of templates for it (similar to yours), and began adding obsessive amounts of detail. This info was never published online: I just hadn't gotten around to it.

After doing a random search today on a 2000 AD topic, I noticed that an official wiki has been setup. What I haven't been able to find, however, is copyright policy: most wikis nowadays are GDL or Creative Commons - i.e., the text is "freely" available, with infectious restrictions. I see no such indication on the official wiki, however. What license, if any, are contributions to the wiki published under? If it's not a GDL or CC license, I'm afraid that'll silence me harshly.

You'd have to harass w3bz (i'd suggest PMing him) for a real answer, but when I set up the wiki I intentionally left the copyright information blank, simply to get the site up rather than wait for Rebellions legal to work out what they wanted.

I'm not sure in which direction it would go, seeing as a lot of works posted on the wiki, like covers or even snippets from the issues, may feel under one legal umbrella, while a great deal of other information and writeups about issues and stories probably belong under CC or other general use lisences.

As far as Rebellion are concerned I don't think they're interested in laying claim to anything you write on the Wiki, such as information you post there, they just want to ensure they keep ownership of works that belong directly to them, like art or story extracts.

Again, badget w3bz for an answer, I don't think he reads these forums too often, so try PMing him or Wake who should be able to get in contact with him for more info. Hope that helps.

Morbus Iff:
Thanks much - PM'd. My understanding, IANAL-wise, is that a) all images retain the copyright holders, b) quotes/snippets, etc. are considered "fair use", c) the collection/presentation/organization of images, quotes/snippets, and created content (i.e., user contributions) would be CC/GDL'd. I believe that's how other wikis have treated such a thing. Note, however, that I'm American, so the terms/beliefs above are decided slanted to this side of the pond's understanding of things.

As a rule, we're much more relaxed about this stuff it's all a bit more of a Gentleman's agreement, primarily because we're British and our laws are different.


Morbus Iff:
So, should be a slam dunk to get it under a CC/GDL license, then? ;)


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