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Hello all.

I'm the editorial assistant here at Titan, and have noticed one or two comments about the 2000AD reprints we've been producing popping up along the various threads here.

If you have any comments about Titan stuff, feel free to email them to reader.feedback@titanemail.com

And I'll get back to you ASAP. Do feel free to send reprint requests, and such, but I can't make any promises on whether or not they'll appear...!

Anyway, hope you're enjoying the books...


It's probably a wild and crazy idea, but how about some collections of 2000AD material that

a) wasn't written by Garth Ennis


b) actually appeared in the comic this side of    1990?

Like I said, it's a wild and crazy idea...

That'd be The Ballad of Halo Jones, Judge Dredd featuring Judge Death, and the forthcoming ABC Warriors collection for (a), then, and as for (b), there'll be more details next year.

Note to all: As I don't spend a great deal of time online, it would be more useful for you to email the address mentioned upthread with these requests.


Hi Jamie
Is it you who's been posting on the Warren Ellis forum? (where I lurk). If so I noticed a discussion about Charley's War. I would like to add my voice on that one. I think you'll find a pretty unified front from here tho' mate. We'll probably all want similar suff, Nemesis, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, ABC Warriors, Slaine etc,
a lot of which you seem to be going for. I love the idea of the hardback book for Slaine (and I believe Nemesis). Can you say if other volumes of these characters are planned as HB or will subsiquent volumes be regular tpbs.


>Note to all: As I don't spend a great deal of time online

My mistake.  It must be another JamieB at Titan Books who sometimes seems to spend moat of his working day online at the Warren Ellis Forum...


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