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The Garry Leach Collection

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The Monarch:
this was a lovely surprise to get alongside my meg and prog i can't wait to read it

I lovely and fitting tribute. Well done Tharg.

I'm a digital Prog Subscriber and a physical Meg subscriber. I did receive the Garry Leach collection, and very grateful I am for it, too!
Sadly they haven't removed the swathes of cloth covering certain anatomical parts of the 50ft woman...

Leigh S:
It's a glorious thing!  My only quibble would be there was a Starlord Annual story I remember about a ittle bug beast that grows into a giant unstoppable bug beast that would ahve been nice to have included, but overall, top notch!

This was a wonderful surprise and it’s produced to a very high standard.

Enjoyed reading it and it’s also a brilliant tribute to the great man.


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