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Nikolai Dante

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Nikolai Dante is the dogs danglies covered in icing suger and resplendantly served in the head of a brain scooped out Monkey. The sliced top part of the skull then transformed into a bowl with a compliment of salsa dipping pickle, hot and spicy. Yum, a delicious, very exotic and different type of fodder that if gorged upon could turn quite sickly, so therefore after the war story arc, it's great  to see a change of course rather than waiting for the next meal, as a heady ballsy story line is developing along with more risque artwork. Dante returna as his old rogue self rather than a vengful soldier and it would be a good idea if the whole war arc was not forgotten and as a riposte to the humour mention was made of the great loss that Dante has suffered from time to time, and we also get to say Lady D'Winters buns at the end of this tasty story arc.

This is haute cuisine stuff compared, to other Jamie Oliver style stories in the mag - tasty, but when you've eaten the best you expect the best. I'm not full yet, and feel like pigging out - where are the graphic novels. Buuuurrrrpp!

apologies for the illiterations, I have fat fingers from food, it should read 'see Lady D'Winters buns'



death monkey 23:
That's not risque artwork, mate.
Anyway, I reckon Dante is a pile of nothing disguised as 'black socio-realistic satire'.
Someone wrote a letter the other week about 2KAD being taken over by corporate types.

It's certainly not very underground or exciting to have a 2000AD rave at the Ministry of Sound.  Indeed, a better adjective would be crap.

"It's certainly not very underground or exciting to have a 2000AD rave at the Ministry of Sound. Indeed, a better adjective would be crap."

You're just jealous cos you're too young to get in, monkey boy! ;-)


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