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Prog / Prog 2068 - In Cold Blood!
« on: 10 February, 2018, 03:47:47 PM »
Now that’s what I call a Prog!

The cliffhanger to Bad Company - I don’t think I’ve been left hanging like that since the penultimate part of Bad Company II. Back then it was ‘Who is the Krool Heart?’ Now it’s ...

Anyway, I appear to have been proved completely wrong in a previous post complaining about Bad Company - Terrorists.  Milligan and team appear to have been playing a long game.

General / "A tiny arm hanging out of the pupil of her left eye"...
« on: 06 August, 2017, 01:51:16 PM »
This phrase appears at least 3 times in Dave Stone's 2000AD work. It's in the Prologue of his Psykogeddon novel, is spoken by a computer in his Killing Zone audio and is said by Edwina Strange in the Strange Cases strip in the JD Mega-Special #4.

I'm fairly sure that appears in another strip in the weekly Prog, possibly by John Smith, but I can't find it.

Is it referencing a film/novel of the time? (the Strange Cases strip appeared in 1991, the the other 2 in 2002 & 2006). Or is it the equivalent of a 2000AD 'flash-frame'?

General / Heavy Metal Dredd question
« on: 05 August, 2016, 02:05:19 PM »
Does anyone know which issues of Rock Power contained the original HMD strips? It seems to have started in the 1st issue, and Barney indicates that it published 8 of the strips. However, 1 of those is the Christmas ep which mentions a delay in the art work - maybe it skipped an issue?

Other Reviews / Zenith Phase One - Apex Edition
« on: 18 August, 2015, 08:43:01 PM »
This is marvellous - a really well-put together package. It's a strip I have read many, many times but seeing it at full-size I'm spotting things I hadn't spotted before (the mushroom cloud monument at the end of the Prologue).

Couple of quick questions -

This is a bookplate edition - is the Steve Yeowell signature on a sticker or postcard? I don't want to try to peel the back off and stick it into the volume only to find it's the latter.

I don't yet have an appropriate answer to my wife's question - Where are you going to keep it? Any help?

General / Metro Strips
« on: 27 February, 2015, 09:52:02 PM »
Hello all,

I’m somewhere in the middle of compiling a list of all Dredd-world episodes in publication order (there is no good reason for doing this).

I’ve hit a bit of a blind spot with the Metro Dredd strips.

Basically, there are 3 different lists of strip order. The first is incomplete, only going as far as the 11th strip. This was posted in this forum by Leigh Shepherd at the time of the strip’s publication. This list includes 2 strips which aren’t mentioned in either of the other lists (Robo-Virus & Sheer Heart Attack). The second list contains 40 strips and is the one hosted on Barney. I can’t work out why the strips would be in the order Barney lists them – it’s not alphabetical, and it doesn’t match the order posted on the forum. The third list comes from the order the strips were reprinted in the Megazine. This contains 26 strips (Cab Wars was reprinted twice). [It is possible to supplement the Megazine reprints with the strips hosted on Barney to collect the full 40 strips in the second list (but still no Robo-Virus or Sheer Heart Attack).]

I’ve included the lists at the end of this post for anyone who is interested. I believe more strips were produced than were used in the Metro, which may explain the difference between the Megazine and Barney lists.

Is there anyone out there in forum-land with a listing of the strips in their originally published order? Even if the list doesn’t include dates, it should be possible to work them out.

Failing that, is there anyone on here who was involved in compiling the listing on Barney who is able to explain the order?

Thanks in advance if you can help!

2000AD Online –
Leigh Shepherd’s listing

1:  It's only Ruck 'n' roll    w/c 26/01/04
2:  Mutie Menace    (by GR)    w/c 02/02/04
3:  Illegal Parking            w/c 09/02/04
4:  Robo-Virus                 w/c 16/02/04
5:  Diet Hard (by GR)          w/c 23/02/04
6:  Cab Wars                   w/c 01/03/04
7:  The Taking of Zoom 123     w/c 08/03/04
8:  Sheer Heart Attack         w/c 15/03/04
9:  Alien Town                 w/c 22/03/04
10: The Pirates of Carrie Bean w/c 29/03/04
11: Payment Due (by GR)        w/c 05/04/04

Barney Order (Number after episode relates to list above)
1.   Eezee Zoom
2.   Miss Moople
3.   Aeroball
4.   Fast Food
5.   Congestion Charge
6.   Shadow of Death
7.   Judge Dud
8.   Census or Senseless
9.   Great Balls of Fire
10.   Snowdomia
11.   Boneheads
12.   Code 99 Red
13.   Fly By
14.   It’s only Ruck ‘n’ Roll (1)
15.   Heatwave
16.   Coast to Coast
17.   Fluffy
18.   Lard of the Ring
19.   Mutie Menace (2)
20.   Where’s Wally?
21.   The Pirates of Carrie Bean (10)
22.   The Taking of Zoom 123 (7)
23.   Tate Retro
24.   Payment Due (11)
25.   Going Nuclear
26.   Undercity
27.   Bit Builders
28.   Diet Hard (5)
29.   Gangs of Mega-City One
30.   Big Sister
31.   Cab Wars (6)
32.   Art Attack
33.   Celebrity Showdown
34.   Mega Olympics
35.   Genolympics
36.   Illegal Parking (3)
37.   Presumption of Guilt
38.   Wreckers
39.   Night of the Mutants
40.   Alientown (9)

No Robo-Virus listed (4)
No Sheer Heart Attack listed (8)

Megazine Reprints

Mutie Menace (M218)
It’s Only Ruck ‘n’ Roll (M219)
Cab Wars (M221)
Diet Hard (M222)
Code 99 Red (M223)
Alientown (M224)
Snowdomia (M225)
The Taking of Zoom 123 (M226)
The Pirates of the Carrie Bean (M226)
Lard of the Ring (M227)
Genolympics (M228)
Census or Senseless (M229)
Shadow of Death (M230)
Miss Moople (M231)
Heatwave (M232)
Coast to Coast (M233)
Big Sister (M234)
Cab Wars (M235)
Fly-by (M236)
Presumption of Guilt (M238)
Fluffy (M239)
Undercity (M240)
Where’s Wally? (M241)
Night of the Mutants (M242)
Mega-Olympics (M243)
Payment Due (M244)
Celebrity Showdown (M245)

No Eezee Zoom
No Aeroball
No Fast Food
No Congestion Charge
No Judge Dud
No Great Balls of Fire
No Boneheads
No Tate Retro
No Going Nuclear
No Bit Builders
No Gangs of Mega-City One
No Art Attack
No Illegal Parking
No Wreckers

No Robo-Virus
No Sheer Heart Attack

General / Taxi Dredd!
« on: 08 September, 2013, 11:06:40 AM »
In Vol 4 Issue 12 of the Megazine, there was a brief feature on a special Dredd strip that was going to be displayed in certain London black cabs.

Did this ever take place? And was the strip itself ever recycled in any of the progs/megs? Does anyone remember seeing it? What was it about?

Classifieds / BUYING: Apocalypse War CD
« on: 13 December, 2012, 02:13:12 PM »
Looking For: CD version of the BBC Radio dramatisation of Judge Dredd - The Apocalypse War
Asking Price:£15 in good condition
I've been looking for this thing for years.


General / Complete Case Files 5 revised for reprinting
« on: 28 August, 2012, 07:47:24 PM »
I discovered this today, and thought some of the more completist collectors may be interested :)

I bought a copy of JD Case Files 5 on publication (First published Oct 06). I was disappointed with the print quality on the Bolland Block Mania pages. Today, I was lucky enough to lay my hands on a reprint (5th printing Aug 11) and compared the Bolland pages. I was (pleasantly) surprised to find that the pages had been revised for the reprint.

In the original edition, the middle four pages have been sourced from a reprint, where the top and bottom of the pages have been extended by an anonymous art editor. These have been replaced in the 5th printing by the original sized pages:

Apologies for the incomplete scans - I didn't want to crack the spines of either volume.

And speaking of the spines:

The reprint is on the right, and the number is lower down the spine. This is because the reprint is slightly wider. The pages have  been bound in 13 'pamphlets' (don't know the technical term), while the original print is bound in 26 sections.

So there you go, and apologies for any nervous breakdowns that I may have caused some of the more completist amongst us!

General / Dredd vs Death prelude strip
« on: 19 July, 2012, 04:35:44 PM »
Re-reading some old Progs, I came across an advert for the DvD computer game. Apparently there was a Rennie-scripted prelude strip available on the Game website as part of the promotion.

Does this exist online anywhere still? Or has it been reprinted?

General / Comic Book Day Prog
« on: 26 April, 2012, 08:53:16 AM »
Having had a look at the web site, I've discovered that no comic book stores in my area are participating in Comic Book Day. I'm sure I'm not going to be the only forum member in this position. Anybody out there have any tips on how to get hold of a copy of the free Prog without paying eBay prices or travelling to another part of the country?

General / Judgement Day GN
« on: 16 April, 2012, 11:33:07 PM »
I have the original DC/Rebellion version of this, and the episodes from the Meg have been squashed & stretched so they are the same size as the Prog episodes. This results in short, fat characters. The reprint for the Case File fixed this problem.

The first GN of this story was published by Titan/Fleetway (not sure), and presented the story at its original size. My question is - does this version feature the squashed Meg eps?

General / Couple more Dredd questions
« on: 11 April, 2012, 09:03:33 PM »
At the end of The Brotherhood of Darkness (Prog 4), and at the end of the second episode of The Cursed Earth, we see Mega City One covered by a dome. We also get a glimpse of a dome on the 'Exodus to Mutant Land' page of The Day The Law Died. By the time of The Apoclaypse War, the dome is gone. Is it ever seen again, or an explanation given for it's disappearance?

Also, do we know at what point Dredd is referred to as a Senior Judge?



General / Mega City Police
« on: 23 March, 2012, 03:18:34 PM »
Is there a listing anywhere of the times when Mega-City Police Patrols turned up at the end of a Dredd story to conclude the case. I remember they turn up at the end of Return of Rico, but I think they turned up later than that as well, maybe even post-Cal.

Has their disappearance ever been mentioned in strip, novel or audio?

Classifieds / Wanted: Nemesis Poster Prog
« on: 03 March, 2012, 11:48:48 PM »
Is this usually difficult to find? I'm after a copy of this to complete my collection - anyone out there got one for sale?

Classifieds / Wanted: Megazine V3 issues...
« on: 01 February, 2012, 06:59:21 PM »

So nearly there with my Meg collection. I just need V3, issues 65, 70, 75, 76, 77 and 78.

£12 delivered?

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