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Rebellion and Rights to Eagle Strips

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I've only gone and pulled the trigger, as they say, on the first appearance of Rat Trap in Cor!! weekly. That's a personal grail ticked off the list.


The Corinthian:

--- Quote from: Professor Bear on 07 October, 2020, 07:05:14 PM ---"Gritty Loner with a talking gun who hangs out with Vampirella and Johnny Five from Short Circuit and fights space bats" Dare (this is considerably less awesome than it sounds)
--- End quote ---

Nevertheless, I am so on board for 'Dan Dare vs Vampirella', if anyone can sort out the rights.

The Corinthian:

--- Quote from: Professor Bear on 05 October, 2020, 06:53:20 PM ---Been doing a read-through of the Eagle at a leisurely pace but I'm finally at the RAT TRAP era the OP mentions and I think the strip may be the single biggest reason for New Eagle's demise, as its purpose seems to be to personally insult every single remaining Eagle reader one by one while telling them that they, their home town and their ideas all suck.

--- End quote ---

Presumably this is what got Cor!! cancelled back in 1974 as well.

Really have no idea what the Dan Dare Corporation are playing at.  They could at least make some money by selling the rights to Rebellion, rather than earning them nothing (which is what's happening now).  A reprint of the early days of the new Dan Dare (Mills/Wagner/Kennedy-era) would definitely sell.  People have been asking about it for years.  I'd certainly buy a copy.  Same goes for reprints of Doomlord, Bloodfang, Manix (the S.M.O.G. era stories are still living in my memory).

The last Dan Dare series from Titan was crap.  I never finished it.  The artwork absolutely murdered it and Milligan seemed to be phoning it in.  A bit of quality control would have been good and carrying on the themes  and characters from either the original or New Eagle version would have actually worked.


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