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Prog 2289: Shotgun Diplomacy

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The Monarch:
Saturday prog holy crud i wish i got this written sooner but i was not informed i had said prog until this morning

brink and skip continue and hope ends on a cliffhanger.

New dredd story which deals with the fallout between the meg and brit cit after that athlantis tunnel incident last year.

and this kinda surpised me but tharg says in the nerve centre that the section of bulletopia which starts in this prog is the penultimate part and well i guess we'll see in the coming weeks but it doesn't feel like a penultimate part at the moment

Bulletopia has been running for almost two years now (started in prog 2184) and hopefully we can get an extended run into its conclusion (or reset/reboot to start all over again).

Surprise Saturday Prog for me, a first in Cal-Hab from a long time.

Dredd off to a good start, Brink on the brink of major breakthrough, skipped Skip its increasingly looking like something from those endless shelves of manga in FP to me. Six/Dex in the here we go again loop.

The Monarch:
i was gonna say thats a bit mean to manga but....well you are not completely wrong :lol:

Cover by Greg Staples:


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