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General / Best Judge Dredd strips of 2022 (prog only)
« on: 06 January, 2023, 08:06:27 AM »
Well, it looks like everything is covered excepted our favorite lawman. So it is quite easy you vote for your favorite Dredd strip that was published in 2022 in 2000AD. I also included the regen strips as well.

It works as the same as the Best of strips, so you know how it works (your top 3 strips). Let’s say you have until 16th of Jan to cast your vote and as always you can vote as many times but only your last vote counts.

So here are your choices:

Prog 2263-2266 Working Girl (4 episodes) by Ken Niemand and Patrick Goddard
Prog 2267   The Dead Chief Judge's Society (1 episode) by Ken Niemand and Rob Richardson
Prog 2268   Extraordinary Deaths (1 episode) by TC Eglington and Silvia Califano
Prog 2269   5 in the Cubes (1 episode) by Arthur Wyatt and Nicolo Assirelli
Prog 2270-2279   The Citadel (10 episodes) by John Wagner and Dan Cornwell
Prog 2280 (regen) Red Medicine (1 episode) by James Peaty and Luke Horsman
Prog 2281-2286   An Honest Man (6 episodes) by Ken Niemand and Tom Foster
Prog 2287   Grinder (1 episode) by Ken Niemand and Nick Dyer
Prog 2288 (regen) Zootrapolis (1 episode) by Liam Johnson and Joel Carpenter
Prog 2289-2294   Special Relationship (6 episodes) by Rob Williams and Patrick Goddard
Prog 2295   Naked Lunch (1 episode) by Ken Niemand and Dan Cornwell
Prog 2296 (regen) Two Tribes (1 episode) by James Peaty and Luke Horsman
Prog 2297-2299   Sentientoid's Big Idea (3 episodes) by Rob Williams and Jake Lynch
Prog 2300 (meg 448)   Judgement Days and Stories (cross-over event) by various
Prog 2301   Half Smart (1 episode) by Arthur Wyatt and Dave Taylor
Prog 2302   The Pitch (1 episode) by Arthur Wyatt/Rob Williams and Boo Cook
Prog 2303-2305 & 2307-2309 Buratino Must Die (6 episodes) by Rob Williams and Henry Flint
Prog 2306 (regen) Undertow (1 episode) by Paul Starkey and Silvia Califano/G. Welsh
Prog 2310-2311   The Rematch (2 episodes - last episode double length) by Ken Niemand and Steven Austin
Prog 2312   The Last Temptation of Joe (1 episode) by Ken Niemand and Lee Carter
Prog 2312   Troublemaker (1 episode) by Gordon Rennie and Robin Smith

Other Reviews / Finn: Origins
« on: 02 January, 2023, 03:51:47 PM »
Finn was always one of those classics thrills which I really liked as a child. Moving a few 1000 years in the future and let’s see how it stacks up against old memories and that damn thing called the nostalgia factor.

Finn is a cab driver by day and a witch by night, Finn is part of a coven dedicated to protecting humanity from the agents of the old ‘Great Ones’, the ancient intergalactic beings who separated humanity from their beastly nature and have maintained control ever since. Finn uses arcane magic and high-tech weaponry to take the fight to the Newts as he attempts to undermine their control of the military-industrial complex and free humanity from their shackles.

I know exactly why I liked Finn growing up. My world was a strict by the rules no nonsense society and I was drawn to the anti-authority and anarchy of the character. Today hopefully a little bit wiser and I do prefer the more structured rules bases society because I can see the damage the anarchy and loss of rules can do to your world.

So, when I re-read Finn it almost felt to me that both parties I will not support in real life very much how Nemesis end up to be neither the good nor bad.  Why can’t we just try to meet each other half-way people?
Yes, I still enjoyed Finn especially the first two books with art by Jim Elson (later joined by Kevin Wicks). I liked the world Mills/Skinner created but it still felt like a formula that especially Mills has done a multiple times and will be repeated (I am looking at you ABC Warriors). The last part of the book contains the start to the Origins story-line which I will be honest I found a little bit silly.

To sum up if you like your stories Pagan with a lot of violence then Finn is for you. If you are very religious, please stay away. So, nostalgia won for me thus the story still gets a thumbs up.

Prog / Prog 2312 - Xmas with the Devil!
« on: 14 December, 2022, 12:01:07 PM »
Another year has passed, and we have the xmas prog to see out the year. This was a great prog with a lot of surprises and two great series returning for the new year. What makes this prog slightly different is that in many sense this is also a tribute too two of the greatest talents which graced the pages of 2000AD. This might also be the last time we might see certain creators.

Dredd – A xmas tale in the just the way that Niemand can tells it. A modern retelling of the Ghost of Christmas Past featuring the man from downstairs himself and some classic characters from bygone years. Lee Carter brings us some great visuals. Good start to the xmas prog.

Rogue – Here we go as we have another classic character returning. The story plays off right after the events of Cinnabar as the Norts yet again try their hands at creating a GI off them all. As per normal we always know how this one ends up. What was music too my ears are to see a Rogue story from Ennis and Goddard coming soon.

2000AD Credit Card – A very good tribute to Kevin O’Neill.

Bonjo – The final strip by the great Kevin O’Neill. This is one off those strips that does not take itself too seriously. It is a stupid but yet fun strip. As Garth even takes a swipe at one of his own creations. The last page was just awesome.

The Out – This episode continues from the end of book 2 as Cyd is interrogate as she explains her side of the story. Good start to the new arc.

Joe Pineapples – This might be a watershed for the prog since this is most likely that this will be the last appearance in theory for two of the most prolific people in the industry: The Biz on pictures and Mills on words.  The first episode is more about setup I am quite intriguing to see where this will be going. A good start.

Hope – Another grim and dark twist of events. It is difficult to see away out of this predicament. Looks like scored earth tactic will cause more harm than good hopefully Mallroy will have a “solution”.

Ace – Well not a very big fan of Ace and the story ended in more off a tribute to Alan Grant.

Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant – Also a good tribute to the great Alan Grant.

Dredd (Troublemaker) – This is another tribute to Alan. Alan Grant (or rather Alvin Gaunt) has a go at old Stoney-face just to make some trouble.

Proteus Vex –The galaxy in turmoil as all war breaks out. A lot of setup going on and it looks like it is each species for themselves. This has been one of my favorite new series and I just love the sci-fi space opera, great to have this back.

Prog / Prog 2311 - Get Ready to Rummmble!
« on: 07 December, 2022, 03:29:20 AM »
So here we are again the last regular prog of the year. Again, not a bad prog but not the greatest one either. This round we have only 4 stories. Next week is the biggie with some interesting stories to continue in the new year.

Dredd – We get a double round of Dredd. This one goes down as we all predicted but still a highly enjoyable Dredd story. Some straight-forward nothing fancy story here with some good art by Steven Austin.  Another winner by Niemand.

Terror Tale – A good creepy terror tale this round.

Enemy Earth – The last chapter ending with the escape. It ends with a statement “End of Book One”, so more to come hopefully it is more off a Helium wait than a Skip Tracer wait.

Hope – Back to Mallory as he is still trying to escape. The weird and macabre continues still cannot see how the story will end in this reel. Good stuff from the creative team.

Prog / Prog 2310 - High Plains Shifter
« on: 30 November, 2022, 04:38:25 AM »
This can be one off the most frustrating times to read the prog almost all of the stories either comes to end or on its final legs and we have a lot of fillers. This can be either be a good or a bad times. Currently I can almost taste the turkey, but I cannot eat it. This prog was not bad, but I cannot wait for something new something different.

Dredd – A good start to another Niemand scripted Dredd story. Niemand knows his Dredd, and this reads like classic Dredd to me. We have two ex-perps whom after spending time in the cubes for a cage fight lining up for a rematch. Dredd is waiting and ready to spoil the party.

Terror Tales – Another one of Tomlinson’s tales and so far, we had a real mix bag this one is alright but nothing special about it.

Enemy Earth – I am sitting in a cave and reading a story and I shout I HAVE READ THIS BEFORE and I hear a voice echoing my sentiment I HAVE READ THIS BEFORE, I Have Read This Before, I have read this before. This is how I feel about this story nothing new nothing different déjà vu: I have read it before.

Hope – We continue the misses’ side of the story this round she tries to take the reel back as the episode ends with a showdown. It is interesting to see where Adams are heading with the story. This one was not as grim as previous episodes, still enjoying it. Will have to read this in a collected format which I believe will read much better than the weekly incarnation.

Fiends – The Fiend is back but this is the first adventure into the old West. This is more a prologue or setup for a new arc. I enjoyed this and Warren Pleece pleasantly surprised me with his interpretation of Fiends. So, bring on the next arc next year.

Prog / Prog 2308 - Knockout Blow!
« on: 16 November, 2022, 03:44:22 AM »
Enjoyable prog with most stories (except the one I want) in its penultimate episode.  This is the type of cover that screams at you read-me read-me, great stuff PJ.

DreddWell maybe not such a surprise as Buratino turns out not to betray MC1. The fight start in earnest as Anderson also gets free. More action orientated episode as we are heading for the last installment.
Chimpsky – Another good action-fest episode as our valiant heroes fights the horde and reach the top-level. This has a great read and some great fun by the creative team. We even get a surprise reveal in the last panel.

Hope – At last Mallory escape the nightmare house as we head into a mini-break. We will soon see the price that Mallory had to pay to free him and his unlikely companions.

Enemy Earth – I am sure I watched an episode of the Walking Dead that feels like this episode. Reading it but not a fan.

Hershey – Great episode as the action continues and the secret is starting to reveal itself.

Prog / Prog 2305 - PSI of the Storm!
« on: 26 October, 2022, 04:34:40 AM »
A good all-around prog as we now must wait 2 weeks for the continuous. Next week is regen time.

Dredd – A new PSI, Dredd reminiscing about the “bad” old times, Anderson following Izaaks and lastly the psychic assault has started. Another cracking episode by the team and Flint continues to prove to me why is the current de facto Dredd artists.

Chimpsky –As poor Chimsky freefalls he tries to determine what is going on. He barely saves his own skin, and the twins ramp up the assault as the whole block is turning on him. Another great episode.

Hope – The story moves back to focus on Mallory and he is in a real predicament. The macabre continues as Hope has no choice but to work as a team to get out.

Enemy Earth – At last a change of scenery as our merry band of heroes go to explore the big outdoors. The best episode so far.

Hershey – Hershey continues to investigate the origin of the contraband. Her dreams are haunted by Smiley. Dirty Frank is still our beloved Dirty Frank. The episode ends with a real cliffhanger.

Megazine / Meg 449 - Metal Messiah
« on: 20 October, 2022, 01:22:09 PM »
A very good meg as we have all new stories. I can say that all of them worked for me (which is not always the case in the meg)

Dredd – A good start to this two-part Dredd story. Dredd is called to investigate a blast into an alien construction (which will become a bypass). The episode ends with a real cliffhanger. D’Isreali creates a real alien feeling to the story.

Storm Warning – The story starts with a big reveal right in the beginning as the story then jumps back in time to reveal how and what happened. Although this mostly setup episode I am already pulled into the mystery. Clint Langley is on art duties here and I like his interpretation of Storm

Devlin – Our favorite vampire is back, and the story starts where Devlin is trying to find out how the ancestral curse came about.  A nig piece of the story focus on one of his ancestors in the mid-1800s. As we are now used to scripting duties are done by Ales Kot and he know his Devlin, great start.

Death Metal Planet – The Dark Judges 25 years in the future. The first episode is all about the setup as the plot start unfolding – the new villain is revealed, and I am sure the Dark Judges will be “released” to cause chaos and destruction. Nick Percival is back on art, and he knows how to visually entertain our eyeballs (love his macabre take on a macabre world)

Surfer – Book 2 of the Wagner/MacNeil show. Great start to the story as Zane gets a change of being released told in a fantastic Wagnerian fashion.  This round it is all about Wagner’s script with a few moments for MacNeil to shine.

Floppy – the second part of Robin Smith’s cover reveal. If you loved the first part, you love this. Interesting how to initial design changed into the real cover. If you can buy the physical copy.

Prog / Prog 2304 - At the End of the World
« on: 19 October, 2022, 04:25:02 AM »
A good solid prog.

Dredd – The story jumps back to directly after Senteniod was apprehended.  Dredd tries to “recruit” Anderson to help find out what is going on in the world of Buratino. An interesting twist in the last page. Another good episode with Flint’s art still amazing.

Chimpsky – As Chimpksy starts to piece together what is going on with Judges on his doorstep, the twins step-up their little mis-adventure pulling on Chimpsky’s friends. Another great episode and just is turning out to be a gem of story.

Enemy Earth – The story moved a few inches but still nothing to grab my attention.

Hope – This was an intriguing episode as we now start to see who the real enemy is. What the plan is, is still hidden but it does not spell any good.

Hershey – Another good episode as Hershey investigates to source of the drug. Dirty Frank does he normal best by infiltrating the underground.

Prog / Prog 2302 - ....and Hell Followed with Her
« on: 05 October, 2022, 04:30:16 AM »
A good prog with just one misstep.

Dredd – An interesting one-shot and continues the concept that Maitland pitched. Maitland now has a change to prove her concept as she is given a year to see if it works.

Chimpsky – The misadventures continue and poor Chimpsky is now the next victim of the twins. We are still very much in setup territory. Good start by Niemand and PJ.

Hope – The first episode of the second part focus on Mallory’s “wife”. Everything is quite normal until she gets “hungry” and then all hell breaks loose. Interesting start to the next arc.

Enemy Earth – More back-story but still the story does not really do anything for me. Not my cup of tea.

Hershey – We start off with a scene when Hershey was just a rookie and then we jump back to the main story. The story is “superbly” told by the great artwork of Simon.  A good solid start.

General / To Flesh or not
« on: 13 September, 2022, 10:21:39 AM »
I do not know if anyone can remember how Flesh ended in its last arc (prog 2001-2010) but it ended with the words "to be continued". I would like to see that at least it is concluded but then again I would rather see more Brink/The Out/Brass Sun etc

On twitter I saw a question related to Flesh (and an answer from Pat)

Q: Any chance we’ll ever see closure on Flesh?

A: I was tweeting about this recently. There's about four problems currently in the way. The first one is Clint's availability. He's still working on Joe Pineapples.  Ultimately it's about whether Rebellion are keen to make it happen. Currently, I'd say they're not.

Prog / Prog 2298 - The Nightmare Man
« on: 07 September, 2022, 05:13:18 AM »
Another good prog as all the stories are heading for the finale

Dredd – I like the way the story is told out of the droid’s viewpoint how he struggles to comprehend who he should be and what he should be doing. We are also getting closer to the big idea. Rob has constructed a great Dredd tale

3rillers – This is getting creepier and creepier, and we now understand how the Crawly Man gets summoned and what the real reason why the girl is important. This has been a great 3riller so far one of the best. Hopefully the ending can land it properly.

Skip(aroo) – Nolan saved by his daughter, and he is literally heading for Valhalla by sacrificing himself. Let’s see how this wraps-up next week. 

Sin/Dex – At last we find out what the speech bubble effect is in Ramone’s head is and this is most possible how the story will wrap up but not before we have a grand finale face-up between the two gun sharks. 

Jaegir – Another great episode as many secrets is revealed and we see the return of a familiar face. The episode ends will a real humdinger.

Prog / Prog 2297 - It Thinks......Therefore It Kills
« on: 31 August, 2022, 04:21:24 AM »
A good prog after the regen issue, a good Dredd an interesting 3riller and all the rest setup for their finales.

Dredd – Another story that continues out of the Atlantis arc. This round the Soviet war droid has survived and is heading for MC1 chaos and destruction ensued. A good start to the story which point to some “fun” moments as the droid has a big idea

3rillers – A new creepy dark tale as we start with a kidnapping and soon not everything is so straightforward. This one lean more towards a Thistlebone folk-lore type of story and has a solid start.

Skip (me)– As everything looks quite grim for our hero it looks like it is daughter to the rescue. At this point we cannot wait for the grand finale in two weeks’ time (this you can read in the way you feel about the story)

Sin/Dex – Steve Yeowell is back for the final part. This episode is very much just very talkative, and it is difficult to see how Dan will rap this up in two episodes.

Jaegir Atalia has been rescued by an unexpected third party as Klaur-and-team meets up with the Captain.  Solid episode and we now move into the final jig-saw puzzle to get the final corner piece that has been missing.

Megazine / Meg 447 - Monster Smash!
« on: 17 August, 2022, 07:36:52 AM »
This was a great meg with only 3 stories but it delivered the goods.

Dredd – Another wonderful one shot by Niemand and some gorgeous art by Googe.  Again, it is a case of Niemand creating another possible return set of characters as the story focus on a Death- fanatic.

Anderson – We have a new head of PSI division. The story felt a little bit rushed even the art felt rushed. It is a pity since the story was quite interesting. It could have done with 2 more episodes

Lawless – Wow what an ending and to an absolute gem of a series. Yes, we will get another series next year with the whole landscape completely altered. The whole meg devoted to this last part of the arc a whopping 34 pages of Lawless. It is like a dream come true for all our fan boys’ pity for people picking up the meg for the first time. 

The meg also features a great piece on the great man Alan Grant.

If you have  not read Feral and Foe the floppy feature the first arc and it ends with a message that “The story continues in the Feral & Foe trade collection, on sale January 2023”

General / Sideshow Vote II: You have been judged
« on: 01 August, 2022, 04:33:06 AM »
One-liner here: Whom is you favorite Dark Judge?
-   Death
-   Fire
-   Mortis
-   Fear
-   Whisper

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