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Games / Re: Strontium Dog: The Killing 2188
« on: 12 March, 2022, 08:43:20 AM »
I watched a couple of these this morning. While not normally my thing, they are really quite compulsive.

Games / Re: Elden Ring
« on: 08 March, 2022, 11:22:03 PM »
I fail to see the appeal of a game that confuses malice for difficulty.

Games / Re: Where to buy PS5
« on: 06 March, 2022, 07:12:41 PM »


Sign up for their discord.  They message when stock is available. It's free, reliable and how I got one

Prog / Re: Prog 2270 - 45 Revolutions per minute
« on: 22 February, 2022, 10:05:54 AM »
That Tharg is the spitting image of the 3A Tharg.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 21 February, 2022, 07:51:07 PM »
That still makes me laugh.

It's not my gag, but it is funny

Off Topic / Re: The Dream Warriors
« on: 21 February, 2022, 11:32:23 AM »
I dreamt last night that Russians were taking my family away Somewhere Bad on a train.

No idea what could have inspired that one.

Film & TV / Re: Last movie watched...
« on: 21 February, 2022, 11:31:24 AM »

I find Nolan a bit hit and miss.  I found this film a bit hit and miss.  I liked the concept and the cast, but I don't think either were utilised to their potential.  It was hard to get especially invested in what was going on.  The mix of rich-people abusive relationship power dynamic and high concept science fiction didn't work for me.  My biggest complaint is that obnoxious and invasive fucking soundtrack.  It's awful and rarely shuts up.  You know what I like to do?  Hear dialogue.  It was relentlessly pounding into my skull.  I don't think it set the tone right for the scenes as it was largely the same thing throughout with varying degrees of loudness.  It didn't add to the story and punctuate the narrative, it just droned on and on and on and on.  I will go so far to say that it's implementation in this film was incompetent.  For me it turned what could have been an okay movie into an average/below average movie.  It's a shame because the ideas in the film are really good.

TENET? THISSHIT, more like

Welcome to the board / Re: PHIL...
« on: 15 February, 2022, 11:02:46 AM »
This thread confuses me

Mean Arena

Film & TV / Re: New Futurama TV show.
« on: 10 February, 2022, 11:07:10 AM »
Disney+ surely? Don't Fox own it? The other seasons are on it.

For me, Out is in

Events / Re: Jocks team up 45th anniversary?
« on: 05 February, 2022, 11:52:36 AM »
I’m still in.

Is this just me, Tips and Satanist?

Edit: not that that’s a problem!!

Events / Re: Jocks team up 45th anniversary?
« on: 01 February, 2022, 02:53:54 PM »
This still on?

Which venue suits (I'm more for Variety but that's only because it's a shorter walk for me and it's no bother for either, really)?

When? 2pm? 3pm?

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 29 January, 2022, 11:17:49 PM »
Every time this thread pops up, I think that I should write to Tharg.

Button Man

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