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Off Topic / Re: An end to bananas as we know i...
« on: 16 January, 2003, 11:04:00 PM »
You can't actually copyright food or any other GM thing (animal, vegetable or mineral). These things are all protected by patents, which only last 20 years from the date of development before entering the public domain. So - not to worry!

General / No Title
« on: 16 January, 2003, 08:02:46 PM »
This is just like eBay! I dunno if I want to sell - I just wondered whether it was worth moving it from the cupboard where my wife put it (after using it, for Gawds sake). But if anyone is interested, I do have a nice mug with a ring of blue and yellow squares on it.

General / Re: Subscriptions
« on: 16 January, 2003, 07:52:04 PM »
Sorry to make you feel bad - but my copies sometimes arrive on a Saturday (which I kinda like because I remember when it used to be in the shops that day)

Help! / Re: Friday Mug
« on: 16 January, 2003, 09:42:27 PM »
Friday mug is not for sale. And, clearly, for drinking from either.

The bidding for the other mug (nice, white with blue and yellow squares - not related to 2K or any comic) is at ?8. If it reaches ?10 I'll sell it. And if it reaches ?20 I'll even clean it.

Sorry for the cross post

Help! / Re: Friday Mug
« on: 16 January, 2003, 07:47:32 PM »
Not a fan of tomato soup. Unless it's a really big tin?

Help! / Friday Mug
« on: 16 January, 2003, 03:38:45 PM »
I have a heat sensitive Rogue Trooper mug from the 90s. It has Friday on it, and when liquid is poured in a blackened speech bubble clears to reveal "Dispensing Coffee Now, Friday". It was a prize for having a letter printed and, as far as I know, was never avaialble in any shops. Any idea wha this is worth?

General / Re: maurice Gibb RIP
« on: 17 January, 2003, 06:25:16 PM »
Dear Barry and Robin

Sorry to hear about your loss
Will be happy to look after the children while you are at the funeral

Pete Townsend

General / Re: Q & A
« on: 28 November, 2003, 04:01:49 PM »
A) Quality harback editions of classics from the turn of the century (Wells, Dickens, Alice etc). Get em cheap on Amazon.com (not the UK) and pay no VAT cos they are books.

Q) What can I buy Mrs X for Christmas? Strictly no DVDs, CDs or things for two people (eg holidays or cars!) are allowed.

General / Re: Q & A
« on: 28 January, 2003, 03:08:47 PM »
It's not the horses fault. It's in the genes.

(Although in a simalr vein, a bear walks into a pub and says "Can I have a pint of lagar and a......................packet of crisps." The barman says, "Why the big paws?")

Anyway - my question is: Why does your voice sound different on tape from when you speak it?

Off Topic / Re: Get Fact!
« on: 29 June, 2004, 02:56:09 PM »
LEGAL FACT: If Logan's post is true then it is almost certain he can claim he has been unfairly dismissed. Speak to a lawyer!

Off Topic / Re: Get Fact!
« on: 18 February, 2004, 07:41:16 PM »
Stewardesses is the longest English word typed only with the left hand

Off Topic / Re: Get Fact!
« on: 23 December, 2003, 08:33:25 PM »
FACT: The statue of liberty was made my Monsiuer Eiffel. But he DIDN'T make any cakes. (or is that eccles cakes I'm thinking of?)

Off Topic / Re: Get Fact!
« on: 19 September, 2003, 03:06:28 PM »
FACT: Eriksson told Beckham he was going to pull him off at half time, and Beckham said "oh good, I usually only get an orange."

FACT: Scientists believe there is a genetic basis for personality (see last week's New Scientist)

FACT: In AUstralia, their up is our down. That being the case, how come NASA's spacecraft don't end up down under?

Off Topic / Re: Get Fact!
« on: 04 August, 2003, 09:41:33 PM »
FACT (true?): panama hats come from Ecuador

FACT (true?): camel hair brushes were originally made from squirrel hair

Off Topic / Re: Get Fact!
« on: 16 July, 2003, 09:27:29 PM »
FACT: That's what I get for being a smart-arse

FACT: The "Questions Answered" bit of the times is the only bit of the Times I read

FACT: Well, apart from the Sports pages

FACT: And even then only because some bugger always gets the office copy of the Herald before me.

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