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Books & Comics / Re: Shift Comic - new UK anthology
« on: Today at 08:55:57 PM »
Ordered the starter pack on the basis of Colin’s zeal.

They really gotta change that logo tho, it’s very dated.

What did you think?

Issue 5 has arrived and its another triumph - all be it a more qualified one this time. The new strips aren't quite up to the standards of of the opening line-up ... yet...

They are Dega which I'm very much looking forward to, being a fan of Dan McDaid's art. This openning is good, exciting but doesn't really give us anything to bite into. Shipwrecked space type has exciting encounter on alien planet to show how much peril they are in. I mean its good, its just not... anything else yet BUT plenty more to come and the art is lovely.

Crucible is kinda similar, Shift has strips that do something different and this one has a band of hard types in the service of a ruler type kicking some ass of some brigand types. That's it. I mean again its good but nothing to really bite into yet, but plenty to come.

The done one Nebula does more than either of this in like 8 pages and maybe 100 words. I read it twice on the second time think I got to its meaning and look at death as release (I can get these things very wrong). Wonderful.

To the Death continues to be coldly thrilling. Soulwind has gone from strip making you explore for meaning amusing adventure of a child and his companions. I love the way this has effortlessly drifted and opens itself to move and shift again i don't doubt. That first opening feels like a distant memory but will no doubt wrap back around.

Shifter gets better and better each episode and this one is a blinder as we start to see the wonders of this new world Noah gets some thrilling new experiences.

Kora remains my favourite of the lot. it slips effortless back into wordless storytelling and then spins us into a completely new scenario. What's to come well luckily as book 1 ends, book 2 start next time and I'll be there.

This one also has a subtler smell, which is all the more satisfying for that.

buy this.

The answer is John wagner. Next.

T.B. Grover, shurely?

Oh actually I might have missed a trick there...

Funny folks should mention they whole Pat Mills things - I've got a whole post about that prepared BUT before we can get to that...

Who are the ‘players’ for each side?

The 16 members of each team are decided by volume of work (which leads to some interesting inclusions) provided they qualify for each team (see below). So those who wrote most (as determined by Heroes of 2000ad’s AlexF a year ago) get in regardless of any perceived quality of their work.

As Current has a much smaller pool to choose from if you qualify for Current it does not matter how long you’ve been writing for Tharg, if you still are you are considered Current. I’m using the same dividing line for the definition of whose Current and whose Classic for the writers as I have for the artists. Which begs the question - what is that dividing line?

What qualifies you for Team Current?

These are Droids who are still active in the Prog. So those who've done a series or significant number of Dredds since used Prog 2000 [the one from 2016 that is], or the equivalent Meg 376(ish). These are Droids that we'd not be too surprised, though we'd be delighted to see gracing the Prog at any point still. There may be other reasons why, alas, we know a Droid's work for Tharg has finished, these will be in the Classic section, even if they have had a series since Prog 2000.

So the 16 in Team Current are:

John Wagner
Pat Mills*
Dan Abnett
Gordon Rennie
Ian Edginton
Rob Williams
Michael Carroll
Emma Beeby
Alec Worley
Guy Adams
Rory McConville
Peter Hogan
James Peaty
Kenneth Niemand (wildcard)

*Yeah okay, okay I'm coming to this in a bit... okay just hold ya horses...

city of the damned 5-0

Get out now....

... just get out...


Just done my precount and this one is astonishingly close. any votes today could well swing the result! What an ending.

So tomorrow morning I will count this one up and the result here will determine which team take the Artist Ryder Cup. It looks pretty close too so its entirely possible any last minute votes here will decide not only this tie BUT the competition as a whole. What more motivation do you need? Get ya votes in.

And so for the last time in this tourney I will do just that. Now I've made no secret of the fact I'm a big support of Current Team. I personally believe the art in 2000ad now is as good, if not better than its ever been. That however can't affect how I vote in each tie and even though this one will determine the overall result of the tourney by love of Arthur Ranson's art is large. Its not that I don't love Cliff Robinson as well, the way he produces iconic cover after iconic cover is just incredible. Its just that he's not done enough stella storytelling for me. Arthur Ranson has the astonishing ability to make even the most unearthly things seem grounded and real. He's quite the unique talent and one of my absolute favourites. On that basis:

Cliff Robinson 1 : Arthur Ranson 4


And so it does come down to the wire.

This one started much closer than I expected with David Roach making Steve Dillon vote for vote but as it went on the much loved Steve Dillon took hold of the tie and took a decent lead. There was much, much love though for David and both artists.

Overall though this one couldn't have been more important as it meant this entire tourney, all 32 ties, have come down to thet very last tie to decide who wins the Artists Ryder Cup. I'll write more about how much that amazes me when we have a result but for now let's get to that tie...

Current Team 15.5 : Classic Team 15.5

Current Team 1379 : Classic Team 1420

Megazine / Re: Megazine 433: Day of Dark Judgement!
« on: 16 June, 2021, 10:25:37 PM »
If the beating up scientists ends up being more relevant and explainable, then its a funny way to include it - Wagner has pulled that kind of trick a few times, but he would show you the beating, and it ould be clear it was out of character, and then the rug pull a few pages/episodes down the line.

Yeah I tend to agree but hope springs eternal.

General / Re: NEXT UP - Anniversary Special - Writers Solhiem Cup
« on: 16 June, 2021, 09:17:31 PM »

Why the Solhiem Cup - repeated Tourney Format

I don’t like golf, let’s just get that said off the bat… or club... whatever.

I’m still fascinated by the idea that nostalgia rules so much of 2000ad fandom and want to test that as far as possible. Was the Prog really better back in the day? Is the Prog really as strong now as it's ever been (yes is the right answer by the way) - well that’s incredible hard to determine with a simple process BUT I enjoyed testing things with the Artists Ryder Cup and want to carry that on… who knows one day down the pipe I might do a similar thing with series but that will need some thought. I’ll go with the same way to test this - like ‘singles match play’ in the Ryder Cup.

There are two teams playing in the tourney, Team Classic - made up of Classic writers whose time with 2000ad appears to be over and the Current Writers - the winner of individual ties don’t really matter (well ish) , it's which team gets the most points that determines which team wins the tourney.

There will be 16 ties in the tourney each consisting of a current writer playing off against one classic writer and while some individual ties might be one sided, hopefully we’d have enough ties for things to balance out over all. The winner of each tie, scores a point for their side, Current or Classic. Draws get ½ point to each side, no need for a casting vote (I get to vote again!).

So this is going to be a simple tourney, no rounds, no qualifying (we’ve done that already) just 16 straight head to heads and as we go on we’ll get an ongoing score between Team Classic and Team Current.

Each tie will be drawn at random, so no seeding or anything like that. Again over the 16 ties that will balance out I figure.

Does that make sense?

The points scored across the 16 ties will give us a simple metric of how many ties the current crop of writers can take off the classic scribes.

We will also have the total votes scored as a secondary metric as well though the victory will be based on who scores the most Points by winning the most ties regardless of the margin of victory.

Megazine / Re: Megazine 433: Day of Dark Judgement!
« on: 16 June, 2021, 09:14:12 PM »
Good Meg.

Dredd I agree with Leigh S about the way Dredd is portrayed as beating on the scientists to remind them they are criminals. That just seemed weird so don't know if that will play into things later. A considerable shame cos otherwise this was an excellent start. Vigourating, thrilling and brilliantly drawn.

Devlin Waugh was superb. Devlin's sentencing of Titty was superb and then WHAM that ending. Fantastic stuff and Mike Dowling's art is finding new ways to excel.

Diamond Dogs found ways to pull me in this time and I really enjoyed this episode - even if the Ron and Ron appearance was a bit weird!

The Returners was trippy fun - simple as that really and glorious art

Deliverance (all the d's this month) well that nailed the landing just fine didn't it. Fantastic conclusion and as much as I love this series I think that will be an excellent place to leave thing and the Dark Judges for good. Another winner and a fantastic ending to a great series.

Text pieces function and floppy, well we've read that recently so that one passed me buy. But the main event where by and large superb so happy with that one.

Yeah I think when you talk any story you are placing yourself on wobbly ground as unless you have a smacking memory you are much more likely to forget some of the brilliant short stories than you are the longer form and epic ones.

So where is 'Buried my heart' or 'Letter from a Democrat' that's before you get to personal favs like 'The Man who knew too much', 'The Big Sleep' and '300 seconds'... your on a hiding to nothing... well even more so... when you include everything.

General / NEXT UP - Anniversary Special - Writers Solhiem Cup
« on: 16 June, 2021, 06:37:37 AM »
So as we near the end of one nail biting tourney so we must start the new and so what's nexrt i hear you cry. Well...

...to mark the anniversary of all this tourney nonsense we’re going back to the start and since I enjoyed the Artist Ryder Cup so much AND we can’t really repeat the Fav writer tourney so soon and expect a different result I’m going with

Writers Solhiem Cup

Same format as the Artist Ryder Cup - but fewer rounds as there’s fewer writers - just 16 ties - we’ll be done within four weeks and onto the next thing which I’ve already started planning.

Oh and I’ve made some decisions I worry will annoy folks BUT we’ll come to those in a bit.

So buckle up as the result of hangs in the balance, we now decide which pool of writers is our favourite Team Current or Team Classic?

Prepare to enter copy and paste territory as I explain...So here, over the course of a standard number of posts I’ll lay out the format of the tourney. Who’s in which Team. The rules, for what they are. A NEW VOTING SYSTEM - ahem the same voting system. A way to ignore the new SAME voting system if you think it's rubbish, or can’t be bothered and anything else that comes to mind.

This one will kick-off Monday 21st June with a fair wind. Just in time to mark the 1st anniversary of the original Godpleton Cup finals (actually the 21st marks when the semi-finals started but no bugger is going to bother to go back and check that so I’m well safe…).

This one has a day to go and I'll count up in the morning. Seems pretty clear which way this is going, but have to be honest not as clear cut as I thought it might be.

To be honest its not 100% clear cut for me. While I do like Steve Dillon's work its only his early stuff I adore. Often its the other way around for me, admiring early work but embracing the more confident later work, with Steve Dillon his latter stuff falls in to the confortable category for. David Roach on the other hand has a fine precise line, and a gift drawing the gothic and beautiful, but for me it lack a certain... well what... energy maybe? In the end I think I have to go:

David Roach 2 : Steve Dillon 3

Saw that 2000ad themselves linked to this and even though commented there was at least one controversal choice. All it does is show that any one individuals list will look curious to us unwashed masses.

Still fun write up.


Just a quickie tonight my dears.

As I've commented before NuYNWA and Selfabsorbed YNWA are colliding and so its hard to distinguish one from the other... normally. But its ressuring that Selfabsorbed YNWA is still capable of being a numb nut... or is that the Selfabsorb YNWA when now Selfabsorbed YNWA was NuYNWA was starting this re-read and thus awash with the type of Dredds 'Get Jerry Sing' is and so didn't appreciate it as much as current NuYNWA whose Selfabsorbed YNWA hasn't had this type of Dredd for a while now too... I think...shit I need to stop with this stuff!

Basically 'Get Jerry Sing' in Prog 2023 is an old school work of genius by the masters Wagner and Ezquerra. It really sings out as different and fresh by being so old and vital. Like a one off Dredd from the 300s but revitalised and modern. Its a simple story of a man scrawling a slogan, that slogan inspiring a fade and a murder... but it was all legal so he got away with it... except this is Mega City One so of course he didn't.

Its short, deceptively smart and oh so much fun. Just a brilliant piece of craft.

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