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Author Topic: Top 10 ‘muddy brown’ painted artist from the 90’s (and beyond)  (Read 626 times)

Steven Denton

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I was reading the 1993 (I think) Judge Dredd yearbook last night and the lead colour Dredd Strip got me thinking. It was competently illustrated and the colouring was fairly nice but it was drawing in colour posing as being fully painted.  I think the fully painted work from the 90’s has a probably slightly undeserved bad reputation. Sure there was a lot of bad stuff and Bisley want to be artist were 2 a penny but there was also a lot of rich, detailed, vibrant and wonderful looking artwork. The problem as I see it is that because when you are presented with fully painted artwork it raises your expectations, it promises something special.  A lot of the artist produced good or proficient if uninspired work, some produced exceptionally good work and some appeared to be completely out of their depth.

I thought as I had just compiled a top 10 Dredd artist list why not compile a top 10 painted strip artist list.

Colin McNeil
Glenn Fabry
Kev Walker
John Higgins
John Burns
Sean Phillips
Dean Ormston
Chris Western
Mark Harrison (mostly for glimmer rats)
Simon Bisley