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Off Topic / Re: Real life accidents on film/tv sets
« on: Today at 09:20:28 PM »
How do you check a round to see if it's live or a blank?

Prog / Re: Prog 2260 - Judge Klegg Superstar
« on: Today at 02:47:32 PM »
He ought to have a name by now though. Dirty Frank only called him Sensitive Klegg because he didn't know his name, but he's now famous.

Prog / Re: Prog 2259 - Jurassic Shark
« on: 25 November, 2021, 11:43:08 AM »
am I missing some plot point that explains why only some people are terrified of Sensitive Klegg?
No, it's just that some people know who he is and some don't.

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: 25 November, 2021, 11:16:57 AM »
Scream! was only 15 issues.

None of the above.

Film & TV / Re: What The Flux?
« on: 21 November, 2021, 08:10:54 PM »
I didn't even realise Dr Who was back on until I accidentally stumbled across it tonight.

I'd stopped watching around the end of Jodi W's first year. Tonight's episode was much better than anything I'd seen since Capaldi's last season. Apparently I've missed three episodes of this story, but it was still easy to just pick up most of what was happening as it went along (it helped that I already knew who the angels were). I thought the angels were scary enough, and that the characters were facing enough threat to keep me interested. The two time zones colliding and the little girl talking to her future self were brilliant, and the edge of the village just turning into empty space looked spectacular.

I've no doubt that the criticism of earlier episodes in this thread is justified, but this episode was good fun and Im looking forward to next week's.

News / Re: Pat Mills Joe Pineapples series
« on: 20 November, 2021, 10:03:48 PM »
Might as well get Clint Langley to do the first two episodes as well.

Other Reviews / Re: Spines
« on: 18 November, 2021, 08:33:27 PM »
It's even more impressive what they've done with the front covers! (Scroll to the bottom.)

Announcements / Re: The Letters Beast - Online!
« on: 18 November, 2021, 06:22:57 PM »
I thought that was pretty clear in the original letter, and it deserved to be the star letter.

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 18 November, 2021, 01:47:23 PM »
Thank you!

Classifieds / Re: 2000AD comic collection
« on: 17 November, 2021, 07:01:57 PM »
Ebay is good for this sort of thing, but if you let us know what you have then you might get some interest in this forum too. Or post links to your eBay auction here.

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 17 November, 2021, 04:26:43 PM »
Inspired by Dark Jimbo, I played Citadel of Chaos again.

I am using a digital dice app on my phone. It gives me Skill 12, Stamina 24, and Luck 11; assuming that nobody will believe I didn't just make those up, I reluctantly roll again. This time I get Skill 11, Stamina 17 and Luck 11, which is still pretty good! I also get 13 magic spells. I choose a broad range of nearly all of them, and a couple of spare Stamina and Levitation spells (partly because I remember that I will need to have a Levitation spell left over at the very end of the adventure).

At the courtyard gate I manage to bluff my way past the GUARDS, which is easy because one of the three names I can choose to give them is "Blag." I walk around the courtyard to a group sitting by a campfire, who turn out to be three ORCS and a DWARF. I sit down with them without waiting to be asked, and they tell me the password to get into the main building. I continue to ask them questions until they get pissed off and attack me (except for the female orc). Emboldened by my high stats, I forego the opportunity to use magic and fight them with my sword instead. I kill the three combatants, taking two wounds myself. I'm allowed to keep two out of the three items they have: 8 gold coins, a copper key, and a jar of ointment. I guess that artefacts are likely to be more useful than money, so I leave the gold.

I next walk over to two people haggling over a magical dagger. I end up buying the dagger myself, using a Fool's Gold spell since I have no actual gold. (I end up never using the dagger during the adventure.) On my way across the courtyard again, I encounter some magical creature, a tornado / woman combination. Given various options, I decide to talk to her, Test my Luck, am lucky, and she leaves me alone. Arriving at the door to the citadel, I knock and give the password the orc told me.

Once inside, I walk past the steps leading down, go through a door, and at a second door I ring the bell for the butler. I follow the butler's directions, and wind up trying to tiptoe through a guardroom, where I wake up a sleeping guard -- a GARK, actually (a goblin/giant hybrid apparently). Given a range of options to deal with this situation, I imaginatively elect to fight him with my sword. I emerge unscathed from what effectively amounts to unprovoked murder, and loot the room, taking six gold pieces and a hairbrush.

Leaving, I am faced with a boring choice of directions: left or right, with no information about what may lie in either direction. Going right, I approach a door, and a voice bids me to enter. Wary of encountering the very annoying (and Skill-sapping) leprechaun tosser Dark Jimbo bumped into, I decide to avoid this and walk past the door, reaching another door with a sign that says "Players Only." Dimly recalling from a previous read of this book that going through the gambling den leads to unavoidable defeat later on, I choose the option to go back the way I came and go through the first door instead, which turns out not to be the leprechaun but the library. Phew! In the library I read a book called Secrets of the Dark Tower, which very helpfully warns me about something called the "Doompit Trap," which is what did for poor Dark Jimbo, and also tells me the number of the combination lock on the door to Balthus Dire's private quarters. Reading another book about Dire himself tells me that sunlight is harmful to him, possibly fatal. Noticing the librarian acting suspiciously, I decide not to push my luck by staying around and I leave.

I find myself in a big dining hall. Expecting everything to be a trap, I go up the right hand staircase without incident, and find myself on a balcony with three doors. Choosing the left door, I use the copper key to get in, and find MRS DIRE. Distracting her by making a gift of the poor Gark's hairbrush, I steal a Golden Fleece from her bed (Testing my Luck twice to get it, since I know I'll need it later) before leaving.

Offered yet another choice between left and right (definitely a weakness in this book I'm afraid), I arbitrarily choose left and encounter the Doompit Trap. I ignore the hell out of it and just walk around it and get out, ignoring the odour of Dark Jimbo's rotting corpse at the bottom of the pit.

Up some stairs, and in the next room I encounter the terrifying GANJEES, who are in fact so terrifying that I automatically lose 1 Skill point, 2 Stamina points and 1 Luck point. You can literally die of fright in this encounter! There is also a suitably scary illustration by Russ Nicholson (criminally replaced in the modern editions by an inferior artist, but I have a 1984 printing so all is well). I remember from previously that the Ganjees are the toughest enemy to defeat in this book, but I'm not sure I remember how, except that using my sword here is definitely a no-no. I think their magic is more powerful than mine too, so I rummage around in my backpack for something else to use. The only thing I have that I can use here is the jar of ointment which I took from the orcs, and (thank goodness!) they accept it and let me leave unmolested.

In the next room I use the Golden Fleece to get past the HYDRA, and then use the combination number from the library to get through an impenetrable metal door into BALTHUS DIRE'S chamber. He throws a trident at me, which I block with a Shielding spell, and it's on!

I take the opportunity to top up my reduced Skill with a Skill spell, before Dire conjures up a CLAWBEAST to fight me. I cast a Weakness spell on it, and then finish it off with my sword while it lies helpless on the floor.  I cast a Stamina spell, which restores my Stamina to 17 again. I cast an E.S.P. spell to try and read Dire's mind, but he partly blocks it and I don't really learn anything. Dire casts his own spell, and the room begins to shake like in an earthquake, so I use one of my Levitation spells to fly over to the window and pull down the curtains, causing the sunlight to flood into the room and kill him. Turning to 400, I am told I can use my remaining Levitation spell to escape from the citadel without having to go back inside and face the Ganjees again.

Looking at the other options I could have chosen, Dire would actually be quite a formidable opponent if it wasn't for his weakness to sunlight, which somewhat undermines what would otherwise have been a challenging final encounter. Overall, while this book is essentially just another dungeon crawl, I still quite enjoy it.

Prog / Re: Prog 2258: Necessary Force!
« on: 17 November, 2021, 01:42:01 AM »
An interesting star letter this week.

Games / Re: Gamebooks
« on: 15 November, 2021, 08:07:06 PM »
Brave of you to try that with the minimum SKILL!

General / Re: Forthcoming Thrills - 2022
« on: 11 November, 2021, 04:58:18 PM »
Smith doesn't have to print everything Mills submits.

Or alternatively he could do what Mills did all the time when he was editor, and rewrite the script himself.

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