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Author Topic: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine  (Read 10396 times)


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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine......
« Reply #45 on: 14 February, 2003, 10:48:07 PM »
Had a chance to read this at last :

-dredd: ok, decent Gibbo art but it was all pretty throw-away stuff.

family: enjoying this - both story and art are really good.

siddah: well i'm afraid this is getting a thumbd down despite the nice art - please, please will something other than people talking hindu mumbo-jumbo better happen soon.

slaine: didnt like this at all last issue but I'm getting into it - I think I was trying to read it as a serious story when really its just a fabulously inventive flight of imagination.

darkies mob : i think my views on this are known, but its nice to hear other people seem to be enjoying it, otherwise I'd look a bigger twat than I already am & would be forced off the board in a hail of derision.  

t.p.o: yep this is picking again up after some bland episodes, first thing I read. Iss there still gonna be a '70's war & action comic sequel ??

november: story & art are utter pants

waugh: great art, decent story, just not enough of it !!

sindex, halo info, daily star dredd: its nice to have these little extras scattered about.

weirdly the worst things in the meg for me were wagners dredd, grants november and mills' siddha. I must be doing something wrong.

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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine......
« Reply #46 on: 15 February, 2003, 05:12:04 PM »
FInally updated 2000AD Review with my thoughts on 1111327.  Generally pretty good, but I vented my spleen a bit at Bec & Kawl.  Very theraputic.

Hope to get Meg reviews up next week.

Link: 2000AD Review


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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine......
« Reply #47 on: 15 February, 2003, 07:03:05 PM »
Disagree with you about November, adn to be honest, I didn't think Dredd would appear, so that might even be an added bonus. (I think the art is very refreshing).
But I agree about the Sin/Dex, Halo, Daily Star (and to some extent) TPO... to me, these are the small (hidden) extras that have turned the Meg from a video into a DVD, if you catch my drift.
Nice job- Barnesy!



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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine...
« Reply #48 on: 15 February, 2003, 11:06:23 PM »
Just a thought, can we have seperate SPOILER threads for those who want to give their two euros worth on the Prog but don't have the Meg, and vice-versa? So kind :)

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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine......
« Reply #49 on: 21 February, 2003, 12:14:37 AM »
er yeah... i was ready to tuppenth re 1327 but havenae read the meg yet.

Gary well done, i really enjoyed it & didn't see it coming, tho obviously they were real people sculptures. Doms are was spot on for it.

enjoyed B&K too, in joke chortles.

VC's fantastic man, i was going into flash back mode, i loved when he looks at his smoking gloves thru the visor. yup, been there done that.

dredd; wasn't it great ? isn't flints art fantastic, blythes colouring fascinates too. brill.

& Dante great too.


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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine......
« Reply #50 on: 21 February, 2003, 05:17:05 PM »
Finished off Family, Devlin & November the other night...
Family seems good, but I'm not sure that it actually is good.  To be honest I'm sure I don't understand it...

Devlin: wonderful - supurb art work YAY MacNEIL!! and the story's really gripping.

November: Moved significantly higher in my opinion from last months' episode - and I liked that one!

Great stuff from the Meg, let down only by my total apathy to Black Siddha, which I didn't even bother reading this month.
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Re: SPOILERS! 1327 and Megazine......
« Reply #51 on: 21 February, 2003, 05:27:27 PM »
the best i have read in so long. each month for me goes from strengh to strengh.very very strong.
the TPO.the gold,every story so much depth and pleasure. superb art.
i could not ask for more and expect to get it.
i have no ill to speak.
total thrill power for me.
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