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Prog / Re: Prog 2264 - Rush Hour!
« on: 19 January, 2022, 07:15:49 PM »
This will cheer you up.

I was watching the video, and trying to figure out what he's prepping in the kitchen. It seems to be inordinately large slices of fruit, some chopped carrots and a random mixture of perhaps butter and eggs.

What the fuck is he making?

Film & TV / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« on: 19 January, 2022, 07:11:41 PM »
I had wondered if his bacta tank* was due to something that has yet to happen in the flashback sequences.

* I had to look it up.

Danzig's Inferno

Getting wildily off-topic, but I believe it's specifically James Ferman, long-time head of the BBFC, who had a problem with the word 'ninja' (automatica 18 rating for including that word in the title!). He also hated chainsaws, nunchuks and, I think, flick knives.

To his credit, there is soemthing about the appeal of certain weapons. I have a very vivid memory of seeing Face/Off while on holiday in Greece in 199whatever year it came out, and there's a scene that was definintely NOT in the UK version where evil John T shows his daughter a butterfly knife opening up - and it was just about the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I immediately wanted to buy one and stab all my friends.

(All of which is less funny than an epsiode of Low Life, but more interesting than an episode of Nemesis and Snoozelock)

Interesting - thanks.

Sadly, I believe Lilly M has disappeared into that drawer where things go when an artist really wants to work on it but nobody is paying 'um to do it :(

Shame if that's the case.
It slotted in well in the Meg at the time.

Very much in agreement here - I was really looking forward to a follow up series. I just really enjoyed the central relationship. It felt very real.

I think the story of Brit-Cit Babes (but not the title, or really the art style, or the meta-phwoar from editorial that played antagonistically with the storyline) was better than the cyberpunk ramblings of Counterfeit Girl.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 18 January, 2022, 10:39:27 PM »
Loving this clickbait image from Channel 4 News:

Gie's a job! I can do that! I can have parties! That's easy, that is!

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 18 January, 2022, 10:20:22 PM »
Rich arsehole publicly doesn't give a fuck about China's genocide against the Uyghars: Backlash as US billionaire dismisses Uyghur abuse.

I expect he profits quite nicely from their enslavement. Long term, he may have issues with the forced sterilization, though. How can you turn a profit from the next generation if they're not going to be born?

I suppose there's also Where's Wally? (Although, in the US it's called Where's Waldo?)

Things I never tire of telling Americans: that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was censored to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in the UK because of a moral panic about the yoof getting tooled up.

Film & TV / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« on: 18 January, 2022, 09:58:38 PM »
I highly recommend The French Connection - it's a properly gritty 70s cop movie. As for realism - the car chase was fairly criminal - the people on the road are real pedestrians on uncleared streets, and the director is filming from the back seat.

I'm a bit of a heathen and have never understood the appeal of Bullitt. I'm probably spoiled by everything that it inspired.


Boba Fett. [Staying on topic, here.]

Film & TV / Re: The Book of Boba Fett
« on: 18 January, 2022, 07:00:16 PM »
I'm enjoying it - more so because it's now a dad-daughter event show that we watch together. The bikes were a bit out of place, design-wise - but she didn't care because she's never heard of Quadrophenia. The lead biker is female and kick-ass, and that's what's important to mini-Solo.

As for not seeing the attraction of movie car chases ... maybe you're watching the wrong movies, JBC? No love for The Italian Job's minis through Paris? How about the too-real car vs. el-train in The French Connection? The entirety of Fury Road? The Blues Brothers cop pile-up? T2's truck vs. motorbike? The opening sequence of Baby Driver?

Prog / Re: Prog 2264 - Rush Hour!
« on: 18 January, 2022, 05:04:17 PM »
Given how gaga people were for Abba when I was at uni in the mid-1990s and given how gaga people still are for Abba today, I imagine that’s the least unlikely aspect of that entire strip.

That's incredibly depressing.

This will cheer you up.

The Out wouldn't have had the same hook with the readership if they'd instead chosen a song from thousands of years in our future, in an alien language, and only interpreted through pheromones. [Insert clip of future-music from Buck Rogers here.]

Leatherjack was fine, if a bit silly (giant scissors as the spaceships of old ladies).

Chiaroscuro was on a higher plane of existence.

Off Topic / Re: The Political Thread
« on: 17 January, 2022, 04:15:40 PM »
They're also punting a "Don't worry! Boris is going to get to the bottom of this!" line.

(Which, yes, is more scapegoating.)

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