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Floyd Kermode

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Thread Zero:
Floyd really is David Bishop who used to write letters to the meg and 2k under a false name.

This was just in case they had a week or month when no one sent them any letters!

Ah, I love these x file type 2000AD mysteries...

I mean Andy Diggle commissioned Helter Skelter.

Now that is beyond explanation!

scojo the cigar man

> errr...right. Stop it now, you're scaring me!

OK. If it will put your mind at rest here's a picture of me to show i'm nothing to be scared of.


W. R. Logan:
>scojo the cigar man

So thats what Clinton did with the cigar.

La Placa Rifa,
W. R. Logan.Link: The Class Of '79

2000AD Online:
Dear Logan,
Believe!  I do exist and live in Saitama, Japan.  I'm a 39year old Aussie.  I don't usually use the message board because there are only so many hours in a day and I work six days a week.  And have a small child.


Floyd Kermode


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