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Anyone want to discuss comix in general?

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O Lucky Stevie!:
oh, & i forgot the iron maiden cover that kevin o'neill ganked for the design of a terminator's helemet near the end of nemesis book i (or was it actually the other way round?)

steven lenfant terrible

O Lucky Stevie!:
more kind of a minimalist dub/post rock/art techno thang (god, genre labels are the stifling suffocation of music, aren't they?).

started off with oval, doing the digital equivalent of kool herc inventing turntablism by vandalising compact discs (scratching them, spraypainting them, dipping them in olive oil, etc) then sampling the poor unfortunate cd players malfunctioning as they attempt to play said discs, & composing from that.

the best two oval albums imho are '94diskont' & 'systemisch' (which featured aphex twin's 'selected ambient works ii' as one of its sound sources). both are available on by thrill jockey.

the first album is unavailable, & unintentionally hilarious, as they actually sing on it, with these earnest german choir boy voices.

"aero deko" from 'systemisch' is sampled on "unison" on bjork's 'vespertine', which also features san franciso glitchers matmos predominately throughout the album.

that's enough for to start with,

steven lenfant terribleLink: oval info at thrill jockey

Thread Zero:
I prefer smarties to m and m's.


death monkey 23:


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