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Anyone want to discuss comix in general?

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Yo backatchya

I am fraston, lord of the scottish glen. No, really...
comics: 2000ad for past 3 years, any mainstream richard corben ie "banner" or Hellblazer, kinda curious about all this milligan and morrison x-people stuff, and i dig charles burns. who? yeah, like anyone HERE is gonna know that name....

i am as old as the wind so please don't light any matches m'kay?


Really? i thought yer middle name rhymed with hat....


O Lucky Stevie!:
i was of the understanding that ministry were indusrial

steven lenfant terrible
(who's spent the past decade as a music journalist)

>i was of the understanding that ministry were indusrial

Speaking with my Ministry fanboy hat on (it's the one with the propellor), for about three albums they were, but the last two we out-and-out metal.

Give the kid a break- he must have been about two when Ministry's last 'industrial' album came out (which is a scary concept).

(Who has also much experience in filling the pages of our nation's esteemed musical publications with ill-informed opinionated wibble)

O Lucky Stevie!:
no offence meant to death monkey, but the lad asked us to "please present prejudice in your postings.";)

great to have someone here who isn't creaking, "when i was a lad we used to have to walk 20 mile for a prog, the race home for a thrashing before all the letrtone smudged into incomprehensibility, aye..."

steven lenfant terrible


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